11 More COVID-19 Deaths In The Panhandle Thursday

       Panhandle Unified Command reported 11 more COVID-19 deaths on Thursday to bring the total to 42. One was a Dawes County man in his 80s while 2 were Sheridan County women in their 60s.

     There were also 54 new cases and only 3 recoveries as the number of active cases rose to 2,352 including 85 who are hospitalized, 7 more than on Wednesday.

       The Panhandle has now had 5,082 total cases, 2,668 recoveries, and 42 deaths since the start of the pandemic.

       Dawes County had no new cases and 3 recoveries as the number of active cases dropped for 81 to 77. The county has had 433 total cases, 343 recoveries, and 9 deaths.     

      Sheridan County has 57 active cases and 3 deaths, all this month, Box Butte County has 134 active cases and 3 death, while Sioux County still 4 active and 16 total cases with 1 death.

     Chadron State College had 2 more students test positive, but also had 1 student and  3 employees recover – leaving 19 active active cases, including 17 students and, 128 total cases with 105 students.

       The Chadron Public Schools still have 29 total cases and only 2 actives ones – 1 each at the high school and middle school. There were 3 more quarantines yesterday, boosting that count to 10.