Execution Date Set For Charles Rhines

South Dakota Director of Prisons Darin Young has set this Monday afternoon at 1:30 CT for the execution of 63-year old Charles Russell Rhines will be executed for the 1991 murder of a Rapid City donut shop employee.

The state Supreme Court had earlier set the execution for next week, but it was up to Young to pick the day and time.

Rhines lost 2 appeals late last month, one in the South Dakota Supreme Court and the other in the federal Appeals Court, and earlier this week a state judge rejected his latest attempt to delay or halt his execution.

Rhines argued that the pentobarbital to be used in his execution doesn’t meet the “ultra-short-acting” standard for lethal injection drugs in effect at the time of his conviction, but circuit Judge Jon Sogn rejected that argument Thursday

Judge Sogn wrote in a 23-page ruing that pentobarbital works as fast or faster as other drugs cited by Rhines when used in lethal doses – pointing it has been used in recent executions in Georgia, Missouri and Texas

A clerk with the South Dakota Supreme Court said Friday that Rhines had filed a notice he intended to appeal to the court, which is not required to accept the request.

Rhines killed 22-year-old doughnut shop employee Donnivan Schaeffer after being interrupted during a burglary of the shop. Rhines, who’d been fired by the shop the a few weeks earlier, stabbed Schaeffer multiple times despite repeated pleas for mercy.

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