30 More COVID-19 Deaths In SD, 674 So Far

      After 2 days of no reported COVID-19 deaths, the South Dakota Dept of Health listed 30 on Wednesday, the second-highest after last Saturday’s 53.

All 30 were older than 60 and 17 were older than 80. Four were from Oglala Lakota County.

      South Dakota has now had 674 deaths, which would have ranked COVID-19 as the 3rd-leading cause of death in 2018 – the last year with full numbers available.

      The state also reported 1,091 new COVID-19 cases, helping push the total number of cases to 68,671 and the number of active cases to another record at 19,240.

       Hospitalizations rose to 593, accounting for 21.5% of the state’s hospital beds and 47.5% of its ICU beds with 35.4% of all hospital beds and 18.1% of ICU beds still available.

       The South Dakota Corrections Dept reported its 3rd inmate death, all at the Mike Durfee State Prison in Springfield. The first was a week ago Monday and the second this past Monday. 

       A total of 2,078 inmates have tested positive for the coronavirus, though officials say only 226 of those cases are currently active. The Springfield prison has had 792 cumulative cases, 14 of which are active.

        The latest outbreak is at the minimum-security Rapid City Community Work Center, where more than 200 inmates have active cases, along with 6 staff members.