6-8 Year Sentence In Downtown Chadron Stabbing

CHADRON – A Chadron man has been sentenced to 6 to 8 years in prison for attacking and stabbing another man in downtown Chadron in March of last year.

28-year old Richard Reyes had pleaded No Contest in January to felony 2nd-degree assault as part of a plea agreement that saw the state drop a felony weapons charged.

Dawes County Attorney Vance Haug told District Judge Travis O’Gorman that Reyes was a very high risk to reoffend if given probation, given his issues with drugs, alcohol, and anti-social behavior.

Haug pointed to the long criminal history Reyes had racked up, which includes assault and escape, leading to 8 different stints in jail and failed attempts at both probation and parole.

The defense told O’Gorman that Reyes now has a young dependent daughter and has changed. They said he was remorseful for his actions and that probation with close observation would allow him to support his daughter and play a role in her life while showing he could be a good member of society.

Reyes himself told O’Gorman that he was truly sorry for the impulsive actions that led to the assault and landed him in jail, but the judge rejected the plea for probation.

O’Gorman said the violence of the attack would be diminished by probation and that the lengthy criminal history including incidents involving a deadly weapon made prison the appropriate sentence.

He did give Reyes credit for 433 days already served. O’Gorman said that under Nebraska’s good time rules, Reyes would be eligible for parole in just under 3 years and for automatic release in 4.