8 New Cases And 4 Recoveries For Dawes Co, 2 Of Each At CSC

 The number of new COVID-19 cases in Dawes County increased by 8 on Wednesday but the number of active cases went up only 4 as the county also recorded 4 recoveries.

    Panhandle Unified Command says the new cases, 7 adults and one child, bring the Dawes County total to 72 with 40 recoveries and 32 active cases.

     All  but 1 of the 10 of the COVID-19 cases in the Chadron Public Schools have now recovered. The remaining case is at the Primary School, although 29 students and staff remain quarantined.

      The latest update from Chadron State College Thursday morning has 21 cases, 17 students and 4 employees, with 14 active cases, 13 students and 1 employee, after Wednesday 2 new cases and 2 more recoveries – all students. All active cases are self-isolating.

       Unified Command’s Wednesday report for the full Panhandle had 21 new cases and 10 more recoveries, including 4 cases and 3 recoveries from Sheridan County. The Panhandle now has 606 cases, 495 recoveries, 6 deaths and 105 active cases, including 6 hospitalizations.

      Statewide, Nebraska Health and Human Services last evening reported 379 new cases, 165 recoveries, and 3 new deaths.

      The state totals now stand at 32,727 cases with 24,689 recoveries, 386 deaths, and 7,657 active cases – 216 more than Monday. There are 166 hospitalizations, a drop of 2, but the percentage of available hospital beds is down to 32% along with 31% of ICU beds and 81% of respirators.