Active COVID-19 Cases In SD Creep Up Again

The number of active COVID-19 cases in South Dakota crept up again on Monday.

The South Dakota Dept of Health reported 173 new cases, 126 recoveries, and no deaths for a total of 2,890 active cases – including 161 who are hospitalized.

The state now has 18,869 total cases, 202 deaths, and 15,777 recoveries including 285 active cases in K-12 schools across South Dakota with 963 total school cases – 674 students and 289 staff – and 678 recoveries.

There are 129 active cases at the college and university level with 1,172 cases – 1,115 students and 57 staff – along with 1,043 recoveries. 

      Pennington County had 20 new cases on Monday and crossed the 2,000 mark with 2,004 total cases, but the number of active cases fell by 21 to 322.

Oglala Lakota County added 7 cases and had 11 recoveries for 32 active cases while Fall River County had 3 recoveries and no new cases, leaving 19 active cases.