Adrian Smith Blasts New CDC Mask Guidelines

     Nebraska 3rd District Republican Congressman Adrian Smith of Gering says the Biden Administration’s recent messaging on coronavirus has been nothing but frustrating for the American public.

      Adrian Smith told reporters on a conference call Wednesday he stands with Governor Pete Ricketts in opposing new CDC recommendations for everyone to wear masks indoors and in questioning the move.

        Smith said “The CDC is actually undermining the effectiveness of the vaccine itself, it can end up discouraging people from getting the vaccine.” 

     He also criticized Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to adopt even more restrictive rules for masks, saying it also “sends the wrong message to the American people.”

       Smith also used COVID-19 to attack President Biden’s border and immigration policies, saying Democrats who criticized former President Trump for a travel ban are looking at new COVID-related ones while the border with Mexico remains porous.

      Some two dozen Nebraska State Patrol troopers returned from a deployment to the border to assist Texas law enforcement agencies.