Adrian Smith Likely Only Electoral College Challenger In Neb’s Congressional Delegation

     When Congress meets to officially count the Electoral College votes and declare Joe Biden the winner of the presidential election, 3rd District Congressman Adrian Smith will apparently be the only one of Nebraska’s all-Republican delegation backing President Trump’s call to challenge the votes from several states.

       The state’s 2 other House members, Don Bacon and Jeff Fortenberry, have both acknowledged Biden as president-elected, although Bacon says that out of respect he wants to hear what Smith and the others have to say before acting.

      Senator Ben Sasse has made it clear he thinks those joining the President are doing to enhance their standing with him and his energetic base and fellow Senator Deb Fischer yesterday released a statement opposing Mr Trump.

       Fischer wrote that she campaigned and voted for him in both elections and worked closely with him on many significant accomplishments, but that while she supports investigations into alleged voting irregularities “unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud are not enough to discard the election results” where she doesn’t like the outcome.

       Fischer said the president’s legal team failed to make the case of widespread voter fraud to any criminal investigators or to any judge, including some appointed by President Trump – adding many of the arguments offered on television or at rallies were not made in the courtroom.

       Fischer wrote “there are no do-overs” and that if the Electoral College results aren’t counted now, millions of voters across the country will be disenfranchised – an “extreme action” she believes should be taken only with proof of widespread malfeasance, which has not been presented.     

       Fischer said it would not be responsible for Congress to substitute its judgement for the will of the people – adding that as a Senator she swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution, so she will vote to uphold the Electoral College vote.

       Nebraska Republican Governor Pete Ricketts, a staunch supporter of President Trump, has acknowledged Joe Biden as president-elect but is taking something of a middle-of-the-road stand on the Electoral College.

        Ricketts says Congress should certify the victory, but should also accept the push by a bakers-dozen of GOP senators to create a Senate commission to investigate the claims of voter fraud in the election.

Polls nationally show over 70% of Republicans don’t believe the election was “free and fair” despite that investigations by election officials of both parties and the federal Dept of Justice failed to find any evidence of widespread voter fraud.