Alan Standing Soldier

Funeral services for 54-year old Alan James Standing Soldier Sr are Thursday, July 9, 2020 at 11:00 AM at the Standing Soldier Residence, #553 Wolf Creek Housing near Pine Ridge, SD

Burial services will be that afternoon at 2:00 at the Lakota Freedom Veteran’s Cemetery in Kyle, SD

A one-night wake service starts Wednesday, July 8, 2020 at 3:00 PM, also at the Standing Soldier Residence

Alan James Standing Soldier was born on February 15, 1966 in Pine Ridge, SD to Walter C. Standing Soldier and Geraldine “Goldie” Charging Crow. Alan made his journey to the Spirit World on July 2, 2020 at the Monument Health Hospital in Rapid City, SD.

Alan served as a combat Engineer in the US Army. While in the military he became Air Assault Certified. Alan completed his tour of service in German. Alan is loved and missed by so many.

Alan is survived by his daughters, Sina Standing Soldier of Minneapolis, MN and Sophia Standing Soldier of Lower Brule, SD; sons, David Lee Standing Soldier of Rapid City, SD and Alan James Standing Soldier, Jr. of Sioux Falls, SD; siblings, Bonita (Ed Randal) Ghost Dog, Virginia (Bill) Morrison, Phillip Standing Soldier, Darrell Standing Soldier, Sr., Walter Standing Soldier, Jr., Gayla Spotted Bear, Brenda (Gene) New Holy, Joy Means, Josephine (Kevin Poor Bear) Standing Soldier, Cedric Little Crow, Donald Standing Soldier, Sr., and Ivan Standing Soldier; and grandchildren, Sabastian, David Lee, Darius, Jaimie Lee, Danielle Lee, Dominic Price, Andres Yellow Horse, Caspian Yellow Horse, Jimpson Yellow Horse, Jr., Ezra Johnson, and Eliza Johnson.

Alan was preceded in death by his parents, Walter Standing Soldier, Sr. and Geraldine “Goldie” Charging Crow; grandparents, Hobart & Mabel Standing Soldier, Bertha & Garfield Grass Rope and James Charging Crow; brothers, David Lee Standing Soldier and Kenneth J. Standing Soldier; granddaughter, Christina White Magpie; and nephews, James Rowland and Gabriel Standing Soldier.

Pallbearers will be Arlin Rowland, Myron Ghost Dog, Tyler Rowland, Daniel Crow, Duane Ghost Dog, Kenneth Mesteth, Tim Poor Bear and Phillip Rowland.

Honorary Pallbearers will be Rich Vocu, Tom Rowland, Cheryl Little Dog, Andrew Little Moon & family, Dora Good Plume & family, Evangeline Fast Horse & family, Cis Big Crow & family, Irma Bad Wound & family, Chuck Bennett & family, Simone Little Hawk & family, Joy Yellow Boy & family, Cecelia LaPointe & family, Mary Ann Condon & family, Wade Broken Nose & family, Black Feather Family, Mark Booth & family, Bad Bear Family, Little Moon Family, Rowland Family, Charging Crow Family, Kills In Water Family, One Horn Family, Takes War Bonnet Family, Featherman Family, Two Crow Family, Randall Family, Yellow Boy Family, Left Hand Family, ARMY Post 281, Wakpamni CAP Office Workers, REMEMBER Group, and All Friends & Relatives.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD