Alexander Thunder Hawk

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Funeral services for 73-year old Alexander Thunder Hawk are Friday, March 12, 2021 at 1:00 at the Body of Christ Church in Porcupine, SD, with Brother Wendell Ghost Bear and Pastor David White Face officiating

Burial is at the Body of Christ Cemetery in Porcupine

Alexander Thunder Hawk was born on February 12, 1948 in Pine Ridge, SD to Andrew Thunder Hawk and Loucille (Two Eagles On White Star) Thunder Hawk.  Alexander made his journey to the Spirit World on March 4, 2021 at the Monument Health Hospital in Rapid City, SD.  

Alexander is survived by his children, Mickey Thunder Hawk, Tamara (Thunder Hawk) Talayumptewa, Alexander H. Thunder Hawk and Abraham Thomas Thunder Hawk; 

grandchildren, Trent Holmes, Whitney Holmes, Dustin D. Holmes, Earl Talayumptewa, Jr., Loren Talayumptewa, Johanna M. Thunder Hawk, Justina J. Thunder Hawk, Anpo K. Thunder Hawk, Jasmine J. Thunder Hawk, Alexandria Thunder Hawk, Brandon Holmes, Jory T. Weston, Brady Weston, Trevor Weston, Michael MV Brave, Dustin Baxter, Jr., CJ Black Elk, Kimberly Weston, Jamie Weston, Victoria Weston, Brianna Weston, Stephanie Rae, Katerri Weston, Justis Weston, Cheyenne Weston, Kelsey Bonin, and Chloe Bonin; 

great grandchildren, Jacolby Rodrick Xavier Holmes, Coroline Holmes, Johanna Holmes, and Tustin Lee Holmes; 

brothers, Joseph Mickey Thunder Hawk, Conrad D. Thunder Hawk & Family, and Donovan (Cynthia) Thunder Hawk & Family; nephews, Ted Crowe, Farrell Thunder Hawk, Toka Thunder Hawk, Andy Thunder Hawk, Terry (Paulette) Weston, Jr., Darvis (Carol) Weston, Donovan Thunder Hawk, Jr., Joseph Alexander Thunder Hawk, Orlando Finnie, Paul Finnie, Cory Finnie, Derek Esparza, Ryan Esparza, Vern Robertson, Robert Robertson, Frank (Maricar) Bonin; nieces, Monica Horse, Miranda Thunder Hawk, Lucille Thunder Hawk, Janetta Thunder Hawk, April Thunder Hawk, Tara Thunder Hawk, Amaris Thunder Hawk, Wakiala Thunder Hawk, Tonya Thunder Hawk, Iyota Win Thunder Hawk, Troylynn Weston, Marilyn Finnie, Jenny (Randy) Hill, Yolanda Wolkens, and Ahakela Martinez.  

Alexander was preceded in death by his parents, Andrew M. Thunder Hawk; mother, Loucille Two Eagles On White Star-Thunder Hawk; son, Ronald James Thunder Hawk; brothers, Farrel Thunder Hawk, Olson Wounded Horse, Jr., and Dale Bert Two Eagles On White Star; sisters, Mary Elizabeth Thunder Hawk, Belva Jane Thunder Hawk, Elva M. Wounded Horse, Mary (Becka) Sun Bear-Young, Lena “Penny Lou” Johnson, and Myrna Lou Young Bear; brother-in-law, Terry Weston, Sr.; nephews, Moses Thunder Hawk, Dion Horse, Douglas Horse, Baby Boy Thunder Hawk, Roland Eagle Bull, Paul Red Feather, and Andy Robertson; grandchildren, Kendrick Thunder Hawk and Kleo Thunder Hawk; aunties, Aggie White Face, Hattie Mary White Face, Hannah Berdine Black Feather, Ramona Sun Bear, Delores Mills, Alice Jack, Matilda Peneaux, and Minnie Thunder Hawk; uncles, Oliver Sun Bear, Hobart White Face, Romeo Thunder Hawk, and Robert Thunder Hawk; and grandparents, Julia Crazy Horse, Ella Crazy Horse, Thomas Thunder Hawk, Joseph Two Eagles On White Star, and Elsie Henry-Two Eagles On White Star.

Pallbearers will be Jonathan Thunder Hawk, Andy Thunder Hawk, Austin Thunder Hawk, Frank Bonin, Terry Weston, Jr., David Pourier, Earl Talayumptewa, Jr., and Loren Talayumptewa.  

Honorary Pallbearers will be Annabelle Weston & Family, Twila Black Feather & Family, Dolores & Paul Finnie & Family, Francine & Richard Little Bear & Family, Delmar Dreaming Bear & Family, Wendell Ghost Bear & Family, Bill Quijas & Family, Sam White Face & Family, Clara Whipple & Family, Lillian Good Shield & Family, Vina Steele & Family, Mary Young Bear & Family, Betty White Face-Little & Family, Abe “Butch” Curry & Family, William “Buster” Curry, Charlene Franklin & Family, Julie Mae Hopkins & Family, Miss Anne Charlette Hancock & Family, Max Williams & Family, Molly Turner & Family, and All Friends & Relatives.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD