Another Woman Recounts Submissive Relationship With Boswell, Trail

Testimony Thursday at the  Bailey Boswell murder/dismemberment trial in Lexington saw a second woman talk about an unusual relationship with Boswell just before the murder of 24-year old Sidney Loofe in Nov 2017.

        Boswell and her boyfriend, 54-year old Aubrey Trail, are accused using a dating app to stalk and  lure Loofe to them, then killing her, cutting up her body, and putting the pieces in garbage bags left along rural gravel roads

      On Wednesday, Ashley Hills of Lincoln told jurors she met Boswell on the same dating app in July 2017 and developed a sexual relationship with Boswell and Trail in which the two women voluntarily submitted completely to Trail.

      Yesterday, Kaitlyn Brandle recounted a similar story that started less than 3 weeks before Loofe died and continued just past her death. 

       Brandle said she met Boswell on the same dating app as Hills and Loofe, but on Halloween, and eventually entered the same type of dominant-submissive relationship with Boswell and Trail as Hills that included sex and marijuana. 

       She said they met off and on for the next 2 weeks, then she didn’t see Boswell or Trail for a few days – a period that began the day Boswell went on her first date with Loofe and continued until after investigators believe Loofe’s body was cut up and disposed of.

        Brandle insisted she never met Loofe and knew nothing about her disappearance or murder.

       The prosecution continues its case Friday, but the judge said on Wednesday that he thinks the case will go to the jury in the first part of next week.