Arrest In Bizarre Fatal Car-Pedestrian Accident In Rapid City


        Rapid City police have arrested the driver in a bizarre fatal car-pedestrian accident about 9:30 Friday night in downtown Rapid City. 

      34-year old Larry Walking of Rapid City is charged with vehicular homicide in the death of 47-year old Paul Walking of Pine Ridge. It was not released if they were related. 

       Police officials say that based on witness interviews and security camera footage, the Walkings and a 3rd person were drinking in a car in an on-street parking spot when Paul Walking got out and walked to the rear of the vehicle.

     Larry Walking then put the car in reverse and backed over Paul, then put it into drive and ran over him a second time in pulling forward.  Paul was then run over a second time when Larry put the vehicle in drive to pull forward.

      When police arrived in response to an accident call, they provided emergency first aid on Paul Walking until a medical unit arrived and continued life-saving measures until it was determined he was dead. 

      Larry Walking was taken to the police station, interviewed by detectives, then arrested and taken to jail.