Bail Set At $2M In Scottsbluff Homicide

       Bail has been set at $2-million dollars for the man charged with the first homicide in Scottsbluff in nearly 4 years. 

      54-year old Gregory Moore was arraigned Monday on charges of 2nd-degree murder and felony use of a deadly weapon in the death early last Wednesday of 23-year old Fernando Camacho-McBride. 

       An arrest affidavit filed by police says officers were sent to Moore’s apartment on a report of disturbance. When Moore answered the door, they could see he was covered in blood. 

       They told him to open the door farther so they could see if anyone else was there. The officers spotted a bloody Camacho-McBride, laying face down and unresponsive.

      He was pronounced dead at the scene while Moore was taken into custody. An investigator said in the affidavit that it appeared a struggle had taken place. 

      A blood-covered knife was found near the body and taken into evidence while Moore was taken to Regional West Medical Center for stitches to close a cut between his right thumb and forefinger.