Bernadine Blue Bird

Funeral services for 68-year old Bernadine Blue Bird are Monday, May 3, 2021 at 11:00 at the Wakpamni Lake Community Center with Senior Catechist Ben Conquering Bear and Lay Minister Anthony Wounded Head officiating and traditional Lakota services by Sidney Has No Horse and Rick Grey Grass

Cremation is to follow the services

A two-night wake service starts Sat, May 1, 2021 at 2:30 PM, also at the Wakpamni Lake Community Center,

Bernadine Blue Bird was born on February 15, 1953 in Pine Ridge, SD to Casey Blue Bird and Lydia (Feather On Head) Little Whiteman.  Bernadine made her journey to the Spirit World on April 24, 2021 at home near Batesland, SD.  

Bernadine is survived by her sister, Debbie Blue Bird; sons, Raycen Raines & Daelan High Wolf; nieces, Jen, Joni, & JoBeth Morrisette, Nora, Kristi & Sara Blue Bird; granddaughter, Elisea High Wolf; nephews, Vine & William “Mesu” Morrisette; and grandsons, Dre, Koby, and JayShaun Morrisette, Mariah & Ashlyn Morrisette, Cory, Jr., Caleb, Calyse, Coryn, & Caley Black Feather; Orren & Ryker Provost, Kane & Quinn Farland, and Rich, Lyle, & Calvin Patton.

Bernadine was preceded in death by her father, Casey Blue Bird; mother, Lydia Little Whiteman; brother, William Blue Bird; daughter, Deanne Blue Bird; grandchildren, Haley Morrisette, Stephan Patton, and Kraig Farland; maternal grandparents, William & Nora (Looking Horse) Feather On Head; and paternal grandparents, George & Mary (Conquering Bear) Blue Bird.

Pallbearers will be Cory Black Feather, Sr., Casey Provost, Jr., Darrell Yellow Hair, Elgin Head, Jaylen Left Hand, Troy “Scott” Weston, Vincent “Woodsy” Two Lance, Jr., Craig Yankton, Steve Her Many Horses, and John Conroy.

Honorary pallbearers will be Cal & Bev Medhaug, Coleen Bald Eagle, SMS (St. Mary’s School) Sisters, Bertha Conroy, Sophia Conroy, Cindy Plenty Arrows, RaeAnn Red Owl, MJ Cedar Face, Iron Cloud family (Knife Chief Tiospaye), Shawn Rodriguez, Heather & Cleo Thompson, Louise Pulliam, Stephanie Skillie, Harris Skillie, Jr., Sheldon Skillie, Valerie Hernandez, Janet Kelly, Grace Brewer, Judith Black Feather, Marquitte Heathershaw, Krystal Witt, Rebecca Witt, Charles Abourezk, Robert & Elizabeth Garcia, Linda Two Two, Farah Big Crow-Oliver, Violet Robinson, Sandra Black Crow, Valerie Black Feather, Arlene Iron Cloud, Paulette Schreiner, Virginia Little Crow, Edna Janis, Kraig Smith, Mark Donovan, Norma Reed, John & Nancy Hussman, Joan Decker & Family, Janet Kelly, HNH Wanagi Wacipi, all Godchildren, all fiends & Relatives.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD