Bill Banning Abortion Procedure Gets First Round Approval

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) – A proposal to outlaw a second-trimester abortion procedure received first-round approval in the Nebraska Legislature on Wednesday, a signal that it could pass in the final days of this year’s session.

The ban on the D&E or Dilation and Evacuation procedure, called “Dismemberment Abortion” opponents of abortion, triggered another round of often heated and angry exchanges between the two sides.

Those against the bill mounted a filibuster and attacked Lt Governor Mike Foley, who presided over the session, of bias and unfairness toward them. They tried unsuccessfully to have Foley removed as the presiding office on the measure.

Motion to override his rulings, to reconsider the vote, and to indefinitely postpone the measure and after 3-1/2 hours supporters were able to successfully end debate with a cloture motion and approve the bill on a 34-9 vote.

Two more votes are required before the bill goes to Gov. Pete Ricketts, who supports it. Similar measures have passed in at least 12 other states, but most have been struck down as unconstitutional.