Boppre Loses Latest Challenge To 1989 Double-Murder Conviction

      Jeffrey Boppre of Scottsbluff, convicted of the drug-related murders of a couple more than 30 years ago, has lost his latest attempt to get a new hearing.

       Boppre was given two life sentences in 1989 for the deaths of Richard Valdez and Sharon Condon. The 19-year old Condon was pregnant at the time of her death.

      Boprre has continued to insist over the years that he’s innocent and that the couple was killed either by one of the prosecution’s 2 star witnesses or by a cousin of Condon.

       His latest request for a new trial argued that newly-discovered evidence entitled him to a new trail, but Scotts Bluff County District Court Judge Andrea Miller rejected the claims.

       Miller wrote in a 13-page opinion issued Wednesday afternoon that Boppre’s motion was based on evidence that doesn’t meet statutory requirements for a new trial and included speculative statements and claims already rejected by the courts.

      Miller wrote the case was so weak that she did not need to hold an evidentiary hearing before issuing her decision.

     One of the key pieces of evidence in Boppre’s March 1989 trial were the letters J-F-F-B-O-P-E written by Valdez with his finger using white grease and found by investigators under his body.