Boswell Trial Starts Third Week

     Boswell and her boyfriend, 54-year old Aubrey Trail, are accused of killing 24-year old Sydney Loofe of Lincoln in Nov 2017.

    The 1st-degree murder/dismemberment trial of 26-year old Bailey Boswell enters its third week and second week of testimony today in Lexington.

Trail has already been convicted and prosecutors plan to seek the death penalty for both.

        Prosecutors are still laying out their case, which says Boswell and Trail wanted to kill a woman and used social media to lure in Loofe before they killed her, cut up her body, and disposed of the remains in over a dozen garbage bags left along rural roads.

      Testimony Friday continued the recounting of the investigation by law enforcement, but also featured a DNA analyst who said a shirt found by officers following the trail of remains had DNA from both Boswell and Trail.