Bridgeport Man Gets Prison Time In Fatal Crash That Killed His Brother

      A Bridgeport man has been given a 2-to-3 year prison sentence for the traffic death of his younger brother as they were highway racing in January.

     28-year old Trey Brown will also spend 18 months on post-release supervision in the death of 21-year old Joshua Brown.

    Trey Brown had pleaded No Contest to willful reckless motor vehicle homicide in a plea agreement that saw prosecutors drop the 3 original charges, which included manslaughter and negligent child abuse without injury.

       The child abuse charge stemmed from the fact that Trey Brown’s son was with him in his car at the time of the accident.

       Court documents show the brothers were driving side-by-side at high speed on Hwy 92 east of Bridgeport near the ethanol plant about 1:300 AM on July 3rd when Trey’s car hit the rear of his brother’s pickup. The pickup rolled and Joshua Brown was ejected. He died at the scene.

      The Nebraska State Patrol found a number of empty alcohol containers, mostly broken ones, on the highway and around both vehicles.