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Business More Or Less As Usual At Sheridan Co Courthouse

RUSHVILLE – The Elected Officials and staff of Sheridan County want you to know that it’s business more or less as usual in spite of the virus.

We intend to keep the county running and to provide the services our citizens expect to the very best of our ability while also assuring, to the best of our ability, that public safety is protected.

County offices will remain open for business to the extent that our Officials and staff can manage. Each Official is ultimately responsible for setting the hours and days for their offices so we suggest you call before you come in.

If you believe you need to come to the Courthouse on business, we ask your help in assuring our continued health and that of our employees by observing the CDC guidelines in minimizing the close human contact that enables the virus to spread. See cdc.gov for more information.

First: ask yourself if your business with the county can be transacted by telephone, internet or mail.

Second: if you must conduct your business in person please maintain “social distance” from the folks you meet. No handshakes or hugs and If the office is full please wait in the hall or outside the building.

Third: wash your hands often and thoroughly and if you do cough, cough into your elbow.

Finally, and most important: if you have a fever please don’t come to the Courthouse! Call and ask about a delay for your business or send a healthy friend in your place. Remember, if you are over 60 you are considered “vulnerable.” Avoid public spaces as much as you can.

County employees are directed to employ the same cautionary behaviors and also to exercise great care in keeping the public spaces clean by frequently wiping down surfaces touched by others.

Please don’t be offended if county employees “keep their distance.” We are still the same friendly folk but we want to keep us all safe.

The Commissioners want the public to know that the County is in good financial health; we have no debt and have established a sound financial reserve. Right now our biggest concern is the health of all Sheridan County residents and our team of Officials and staff who serve you.

Your Sheridan County Officials