Chadrad Poll Cheaters Strike Again

How do you keep an idiot busy for hours? Give him a poll question and unlimited votes!

The last time we visited this topic someone had voted more than 500 times in support of a mask mandate. At the time I thought that was a big deal, spending all that time just to deceive people. Now I know that that person was a guppy swimming amongst whales.

This time we have two major players. Meet player number one, someone from Chadron. This person started voting last Wednesday afternoon and voted just one time. However, Thursday morning the outcome was not to their liking, and they decided to change it.

The voting by this single person starts just before 10 am and continues for over 5 hours straight, voting as many as 20 times per minute. Time for a 30 minute break and then back to voting. After more than 10 hours of voting, the vote count for this person reaches 8,810 votes.

Player number two takes over when player number one gets tired. This person is from Denver, and starts voting at 10:21 on Friday. The voting starts at 5 – 10 votes per minute, but as this person gets fully in the cheaters rhythm vote counts go as high as 32 votes per minute. We had been watching this take place since the day before and let it continue, wondering just how far they would go. By Friday afternoon the game got old and I banned both of them from further voting. Player number two got in 6,878 votes before being banned.

The real irony in all of this is that these two people spent many hours of their time to rig a poll question about a rigged election. They were willing to risk carpel tunnel, sleep depravation and public shaming, all in the name of a political cause that was more important than honesty and integrity. I sure hope these two were not volunteer poll workers.

The action by these two speaks volumes about where we are today as a nation. I’ll let you chew on that last sentence for a moment……………… Are you confident that what you are being told by media outlets, politicians and government leaders is the truth, or is honesty yesterdays news?

You might be wondering how these two managed all those votes after I said I was adding security to prevent multiple votes by a single person. Well, I did add a security measure, but it was minimal. I have this odd notion that people are basically honest and I didn’t want to restrict it too much. We can all see how well that plan worked.

So where do we go from here. For starters, I banned four people (yes, I found other polls with more cheaters) from voting on any poll, ever. I expect one or more of those persons will try to circumvent those measures. When they do, the next step will be to ban them from the website completely. I have little patience for dishonest people and technology is on my side.

In case you were wondering, before the vote got skewed around 30% thought the election was fair, around 60% thought it was not fair and about 6% were undecided.

If you have an idea for a poll question please let us know. Polls are usually a fun way for people to interact and I’ll do a better job at keeping them secure. E-mail you poll questions to