Chadron City Council Agenda March 1, 2021


NO. 2021-06 MAR 1, 2021 6:00 P.M.

This meeting is being made available electronically: Join the Zoom Meeting at: The Meeting ID is: 819 9455 9904.

Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance

Mayor reads the following before continuing with the meeting:

“As required by Section 84-1412, subsection 8 of the Nebraska Statutes, notice is hereby

given that a copy of the Open Meetings Act is posted for your examination on the wall

inside the door to these City Council Chambers.”

Roll Call

Approval of Agenda

a. Consent Agenda

1. Minutes for City Council Meeting No. 2021-05, February 15, 2021

2. Correspondence

3. Minutes for Boards and Commissions

b. Southern Airways – Introductions

c. Chadron Volunteer Fire Department – Report and Update (Branden Martens, Fire Chief)

d. Resolution No. 2021-20 To Approve Application for a Special Designated License for Niobrara Valley Vineyards for the Harvest Moon Fall Festival on October 2, 2021

e. Resolution No. 2021-21 To Recommend Selection of Engineering Firm for Consulting Services for Future Airfield Development Projects at the Chadron Municipal Airport

f. Resolution No. 2021-22 To Place a Lien for Outstanding Utility Charges Against the

North 44’ of Lot 8, Block 54, Pioneer Townsite Company First Addition, also described as 635 Morehead Street

g. Motion to Approve Claims

h. Interim City Manager Report (Information Only, No Action Required)

1. Report on Council Workshop Meeting held February 23, 2021

2. Report on Request for Proposals for Life Insurance for City Employees

i. Resolution No. 2021-23 To Excuse Absence of Councilmember(s)

j. Council Closing Comments

k. Adjourn