Chadron City Manager Says At Least May Before Permanent Repairs To Heating At Aquatics Center

     Chadron City Manager John Sutherland says it will be May at the earliest before permanent repairs are made to the heating system at the Aquatic and Wellness Center, which failed in December.

    The motor of the heating element in the integrated HVAC/Dehumidification failed and although a replacement motor was ordered from the manufacturer within a matter of days, it still hasn’t arrived.

      Sutherland says “we are all hoping” the motor and related parts come in as promised in May and that the permanent repairs bring “with them a return to normalcy.”

    Sutherland says service technicians and city staff came up with improvised measures and make-shift solutions that have allowed the Aquatics Center to continue to operate but under less than ideal conditions.

      He says on days when the outside temperature falls below 45-degrees, it becomes very difficult to maintain the normal indoor temperature with the humidity from the pool making it feel cold – “sometimes very cold” in his words.

      Sutherland says city staff have worked “far beyond normal expectations throughout this crisis in an effort to maintain a decent customer experience (but) have not always succeeded, “ although some users say the experience is good once they’re in the water.

     He says the city is again apologizing to customers the on-going problems with the heating system and thanking the large majority of users for being “incredibly understanding and supportive.” 

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  1. That pool has been a total money pit since it was “modernized”. And we still have to pay the .5% tax for it. Can’t wait until the roof has to be replaced.

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