Chadron Council Approves Snow Removal Compromise

The Chadron City Council has approved changes to 3 ordinances dealing with snow removal, although one of the changes was much different that the original proposal discussed during its first 2 readings. 

      It originally banned pushing snow from sidewalks or driveways into the street except for sidewalks in the downtown business district, an idea that drew strong opposition from residents and commercial plowers.

      The idea was to avoid creating additional problems or costs for the city, and discussions during and after the first 2 readings led to a compromise that limits the ban to multi-family dwellings with off-street parking. 

        The change drew strong support from the council. Mayor Miles Bannan says it’s a good compromise that works for everyone.

Everyone, though, is prohibited from shoveling or plowing in such a manner that the snow interferes with street or sidewalk traffic – which Bannan thinks is reasonable.

Bannan also likes the fact that the compromise grew out of the city’s 3-reading system for ordinances, a process intended to provide the public and the council with input.

The other snow removal changes extend the deadline for clearing sidewalks from 5 hours after the end of a storm to 24 hours and ban piling snow so that fire hydrants can’t be accessed. 

      Residents with a hydrant in front of their property must also clear the snow away so it can be used.