Chadron Council Decides Against Using Consultant In City Manager Search

     The Chadron City Council has decided to conduct the search for a new city manager without using a consultant except for the vetting process.

Greg Yanker’s resignation from the post took effect at the end of last month.

     When the council first discussed the idea two weeks ago, councilman Keith Crofutt was the strongest advocate for a consultant, but he could not participate in last night’s meeting either in person or via Zoom. 

      Mayor Mark Werner read and elaborated on an email from Crofutt explaining his feelings, primarily that consultants can cast a wider net for top candidates and often have some “on deck” who would be perfect fits for a position.

       Werner’s own feeling was that between the Nebraska League of Municipalities, traditional advertising, and free online job placement services the will allow the city to move more quickly at a much lower cost.

City Attorney Adam Edmund reminded the council that they could always hire a consultant if they run into problems, a position councilman Joe Johndreau liked.

City HR Director Bev Bartlett strongly recommended hiring an outside company for vetting candidates to give the city a layer of protection from disgruntled unsuccessful applicants, saying it’s already been done for some lesser positions.

      Advertising in a package of newspaper, online, and professional publications is expected to cost the city just $2,100. Applications will remain open until the new city manager is hired, but the council will start reviewing applications Feb 11. 

       The council last night also formalized the contract for Interim City Manager Milo Rust. The retired Chadron public works director will work part-time at a rate of $47.98 an hour to a maximum of just under $100,000.