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Chadron Lifts Voluntary Water Restrictions

CHADRON – The City of Chadron has lifted the voluntary water use restriction that went into effect on Friday due to pressure problems in the water system on the east side of the town.

Utilities Superintendent Tom Menke says repairs were made and the request to limit water use to in-house activities lifted this morning.

Menke says the pressure problem was cause when one of the variable speed pumps that move water between the water treatment plant and the east storage tank above Chadron State College began malfunctioning on Friday.

The city had expected the needed parts to arrive yesterday morning and repairs to be completed later in the day, but Menke says some parts weren’t in the shipment while some wrong parts were.

As a result, Menke says they moved past options A and B and down to F and G with the pleasant result that a workable solution was implemented and normal service restored just a little later than hoped.

Menke says the city thanks the residents of Chadron and other users of the water system for their patience and cooperation.