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Chadron PD Launching 2-Week Crosswalk Campaign

CHADRON – The Chadron Police Department on Monday launches a 2-week observation and education program on drivers violating the laws covering crosswalks.

Sgt Jarvis Wallage says officers will be watching crosswalk intersections in various parts of town at various times of day, looking for drivers who fail to yield to pedestrians.

Sgt Wallage says violators will be stopped but not cited. Instead, officers will explain the law on yielding to pedestrians in both marked and unmarked intersections. After the 2 week campaign, violating drivers will be ticketed.

Wallage says most drivers believe they need to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk only while the person is in the portion of the crosswalk that includes the roadway.

What they don’t know that if it’s apparent a pedestrian standing in a crosswalk between the sidewalk and the roadway intends to cross the street, the driver must stop completely and wait until the pedestrian is all the way across.

Wallage says the goal of the 2-week crosswalk observation program is to promote safety for pedestrians and educate the motoring public about the crosswalk laws.

He also says that anyone with questions or wanting more information about crosswalks can contact any Chadron officer – adding that officers are happy to speak with any member of the public on the phone or in person and that the public should free to email officers or message them on Facebook.