Chadron Public Schools Planning Normal Start But Have COVID Plan Ready

CHADRON – New Chadron School Superintendent Ginger Meyer has sent parents and staff a letter outlining the district’s plan for operating the coming school year amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The plan uses a red-yellow-green code based on the current level of COVID-19 threat from the Panhandle Public Health District.

Red triggers remote learning as was done the last 3 months of last year, yellow combines in-class and remote learning, and green would be classes as usual with social distancing. Meyer says everything is “green” right now for the planned Aug 13th opening.

Meyer and her administrative team crafted the plan in about a day last week, using as a blueprint a basic proposal from the main statewide association of rural schools.


All levels of the plan called for high levels of sanitation including hands when entering or leaving a room, no “mouth drinking” from water fountains with each student providing their own water bottle, and encouraging students and staff to wear masks throughout the day and during activities.

Meyer is also sending out different surveys to parents and staff to get a sense of how both groups are feeling about the overall coronavirus situation.

Meyer says she and the district will do all they can to keep parents fully informed on what’s being done to keep students, staff, and families safe.