Chadron Public Schools Start Classes

 Classes began today in the Chadron Public Schools. Teachers reported a week ago and students were scheduled to begin with half-days on Thursday and Friday, but that was pushed back until today at the request of teachers who want more time to get familiar with the district’s COVID-19 protocols.

      Chadron has traditional started with half-days to ease students back into a school routine, but Supt Ginger Meyer says today was instead a full day because after dropping last week’s two half-days she didn’t want to fall behind early on attendance hours.

      The Chadron district is using a red-yellow-green system based on the current coronavirus threat level in the Panhandle with the condition green – meaning masks are optional for students but not for faculty and staff. Meyer says the protocols are intended to provide a safe learning environment for everyone.

     Because of the recent jump in COVID-19 in the Chadron area, the Chadron Public Schools are beginning classes with 3 teachers out following positive tests and 1 teacher in quarantine as a close contact of a positive case.