Chadron Restaurant Uses Pandemic To Renovate Location, Expand Menu

     Add EJ’s BBQ in Chadron to the list of restaurants that decided to use the long COVID-19 period of limited dining-in to move ahead with long-discussion renovations – both to the building and to the menu.

      Brother and sister co-owners Jessy Roberts and Dylan Bird began 7-years ago as a traditional hole-in-the-wall BBQ joint with seating for less than a half-dozen patrons, then took a big chance in 2017 and bought the former Angela’s Eatery building a few doors down. 

      With the move, they expanded the menu – adding pizza among other things – and set up a buffet area behind the main seating area, but left another quarter or more of the space west of that undeveloped.

      Roberts says when the COVID limits hit, they decided to transform that far-back area of the restaurant into a pub with a fully stocked bar and 2 pool tables. Roberts says “EJ’s is now open wall-to-wall.

       The menu has expanded again and now offers vegetarian and gluten-free dishes as a way to attract those who might not be fans of or able to enjoy the more traditional menu items.

        EJ’s already had a strong take-out service when all dining-in was halted by the pandemic, but further developed on-line ordering and curbside pickup that helped them survive the financial storm.