Chadron School Board Accepts Teacher Resignations With Regret

     The Chadron School Board has accepted, with regret, the resignations of 3 more high school teachers.

Board President Tom Menke says it’s always tough to see teachers leave.

Math and Social Studies teacher Jonn McLain, also girls basketball coach, is taking a position at Boys Town while English teacher Brenda Lanphear will continue her graduate studies before pursuing career in publishing.

      Science teacher Margaret Gregory says she’s leaving her first teaching job after 3 years because she’s ready for new experiences in the next step in her life. 

     While praising all 3, Principal Jerry Mack saved his strongest comments for custodian Dave Anderson, retiring after 22 years. Menke says it shows how great employees can affect an entire school.

The school board also approved contract with new teachers Megan Gibbons, Brandy Schaack, and Tiffany Brown-Waldron. 

      Brown-Waldron will spend half her time as a special education teacher and half as the district’s new Special Education Director, a position that had been held by Primary School Principal Libby Uhing. 

      The board agreed earlier this year with Uhing that the responsibilities of both positions have increased to the point that she couldn’t fill them both. The new arrangement is essentially a wash from a budget standpoint.