Chadron School Board Inks New 2-Year Contract With Teachers

       The Chadron School District and its teachers have approved a new 2-year contract.

The school board approved it Monday after the teachers had ratified the agreement earlier in the month.

     The contract increases the starting base pay by $550 each year to $37,600 for 21-22 and $38,150 for 22-23. 

The increases also affect extra duty pay for coaches. directors of activities such as the One-Act Play and the Musical, and sponsors of various clubs and organizations since those are based on a percentage of the base.

       The new contract continues the Dual Choice employee health and dental plan started with the 17-18 school year.

Employees have the choice of a $1,450 deductible or $3,500 deductible that’s eligible for an HSA – Health Savings Account. The district will deposit the difference in premium for the $3,500 option into an HSA on a per month basis.

       Board President Tom Menke says the board’s personnel committee and the teachers’ negotiating committee deserve thanks and praise for being open-minded during the talks and reaching agreements on a wide range of issues in a timely manner.