Charles Dean Brewer Sr

Funeral services for 78-year old Charles “C.Dean” Brewer Sr are Monday, March 1, 2021 at 11:00 AM  at the Indian Action Garage in Pine Ridge, SD, with livestream on the Sioux Funeral Home Facebook Page.

Father Edmund Yainao, S.J., will officiate with traditional Lakota services by Joe Swiftbird

Burial is at the Charging Family Cemetery in Slim Buttes, SD.

A one-night wake service starts Sunday, Feb 28, 2021 at 3:00, also at the Indian Action Garage in Pine Ridge.

The family asks that everyone follow the guidelines of precautions against the spread of COVID 19 with masks, social distancing, and the use of hand sanitizer required. 

Charles Dean Brewer Sr “Woglaka Wakinyan Hothun” (Speaks With Thunder In His Voice) was born on January 31, 1943 in Pine Ridge, SD to David and Barbara (O’Rourke) Brewer and made his journey to the Spirit World on February 17, 2021 in Pine Ridge, SD.  

C. Dean Brewer is survived by his spouse, Phyllis Joyce Brewer; children, Charles “Bamm” (Ashley) Brewer, Jr., Anthony “Tony” Brewer, Sr., and Deanna “Renee” (Joe) Swift Bird; brothers, Dennis and Rich Brewer; sister, Doris Giago; grandchildren, Matthew Brewer, Cole Brewer, Elliott Brewer, Veronica Brewer, Cecelia and Silje Olsen, Delmar Wilson, Larissa Wilson, Tiarra Swift Bird, Teonie Brewer, Arlen Brewer, Morgan Brewer, Carly Brewer, Cecil Apple, and Tony Brewer, Jr.; great grandchildren, Hunter Brewer, Haven Brewer, Tatum Brewer, Bernice Brewer, Brantly Brewer, Zane Brewer, Delmar Wilson, Jr., Samuel Wilson, Lamiyah Bissonette, Tony Brewer III, Anaya White Horse, Taylor Wilson, and Kendall Wilson.

C. Dean Brewer was preceded in death by his parents, David and Barbara Brewer; brothers, Dave Brewer, Jr., Duane Brewer, Sr., and Delmar Brewer; sisters, Colleen Brewer and Judith Clifford; and grandparents, John O’Rourke, Nellie Cottier, Helen Knight, and William Brewer. 

Pallbearers will be Elliot Brewer, Cole Brewer, Anthony “June Bug” Brewer, Jr., Davey Brewer II, Dave Clifford, Lawrence Martin, Jr., Tim Giago II, Matthew Brewer, Delmar Wilson, Arlen Brewer, Tim Brewer, Josh Apple, Jesse Charging, Bill Charging, Jr., and Willie “Skinner’ Pond.

Honorary pallbearers will be Terry Pourier, Wayne Witt, Larry Dauphenias, Bob Lakota, Bud Pond, Luke Pond, Joe “Bat” Reshaw, Louie “Boy” Winters, Darrin Merrival, Gerald Traversie, Bill Hillman, Dag DeVille, George “Speck” Wilson, Jack Thies, Schot Janis, Tubby Little Bear, Dave & Pat Kadlecek, Dale McGaa, Ronald Johnson, David Kapperman, Dusty Nelson, Sinte Nelson, Kenny O’Rourke, Ken Keith, Charles Archambault, Larry Brewer, Alvin Swift, Marty Brewer, Monte Tibbitts, Shorty Brewer, Les Oldson, Woody Brewer, Vince Brewer, Rex Herman, Cletus Good Teacher, Grover Yellow Bird, Bud Waters, Mike Carlow, Howie Bad Milk, Poker Joe Merrival, Dave Janis, Billie Moore, Kenny Gayton, Donnie Nolsch, Jason Schwarting, J.L. Trueblood, Dale Pine, Bennett “Tuffy” Sierra, Scott Kadlecek, Terry Two Bulls, Mike Gustafson, Ted Standing Soldier, Dan Nelson, Kevin O’Rourke, Shawn Keith, Dave Archambault, John Brewer, Tom Shortbull, John “Coco” Tibbitts, Len Brewer, Sam Arcoren, Tuna Oldson, Bryan Brewer, Melvin “Dick” Brewer, Chuck Brewer, Walt Dawson, David Dawson, Sam LeDeaux, Jim Rodriguez, Louie Janis, Barney Janis, Gummer Garnier, DR Brewer, Manual Bad Milk, Tim Black Bear, Robert Charging Crow, Sonny Wilson, Pat Clifford, Chuck O’Rourke, Tom Fishback, Bill Means, Joe Charging, Jesse Clausen, Mike Dawson, Brent Brewer, Dale Tapio, Richard O’Donnel, Gilber Janis, Pat Carlow, Steven King, Vance Whipple, Percy Little Bear, Duane “Frog” Brewer, John Wilson, Macey Oldson, Sam O’Rourke, Sr., Rusty Merdanian, Tuffy Lunderman, Rhonda Flat Lip, Richard Greenwald, Charles Schrader, Jr., Logan Veath, Lyle Jack,  Fast Thunder Swiftbird Sundance, Holy Buffalo Society Sundance, Pine Ridge Sioux Baseball Team, Crazy Horse Riders, 2001 State “A” 8 Ball Champions, All Pool Buddies, and All Friends & Relatives. 

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD