City Council Accepts Crofutt Resignation;


      The Chadron City Council Monday night accepted the resignation of councilman Keith Crofutt, effective last Thursday. 

     Elected to a second term in 2020, Crofutt gave no reason in his brief resignation letter, writing only that the decision “was not made without great consideration. 

     He also said he hopes the council members will “continue to try and make the best decisions for Chadron, with integrity and absent personal agendas.”

      Mayor Mark Werner says Crofutt has been an excellent council member and his successor needs to be equally good.

     The council will appoint someone to fill Crofutt’s seat, but only until December because it will be on the November ballot with a 2-year term. Filing for the position will open September 1st. 

      City Attorney Adam Edmund told the council the 6 non-incumbents who’ve filed for the 3 seats already on the ballot can apply for the appointment, but said he needs to confer with the secretary of state’s office about their eligibility for the 2-year term.

     An interested candidate could withdraw from the primary, although their name would remain on the ballot, and file for the 2-year term but Edmund doesn’t know if the 2 who are eliminated in the primary could file later for the 2 year term.

     As for the appointment, the council wanted to give the public 4 weeks to apply, but Edmund said Werner is required to submit one name at the next council meeting in two weeks. If rejected, other candidates could be considered at the following meeting.

     The council set next Thursday, the 14th, as the application deadline with those interested needing to file only a letter of introduction

      Council member Cheryl Welch felt the applicants should be questioned on such things as their community background and goals for the city, but agreed that simply offering them as topics that could be covered in the letter was sufficient.