City Council Gives 50% Aquatics Center Discount To Swim Team To Host Meet


      The Chadron City Council has given the Chadron Sharks Swim Team a reduced users rate for the Chadron Area Aquatics and Wellness Center to hold a swim meet on the morning of October 30.

     Instead of the usual $150 per hour, the council last night approved the club’s request for a 50% cut to $75 per hour for the 4 hours.

Council members emphasized their vote was for a one-time event and doesn’t set a precedent for similar requests from others.

     Sharks spokesman Melissa Peterson told the council that swimmers usually pay a facility fee if a meet isn’t a school event at a school facility and that with about 30 expected in Chadron, the $10 per swimmer fee from $75 per hour would be typical. 

     Peterson said with the meet starting at 8:00 am, a number of swimmers and their families will spend the night in Chadron while almost all will have one or more meals in town and possibly buy other items that would generate sales tax money.

      She also said this will likely be the first time some of them have visited Chadron or seen the Aquatics Center, so the visit could convince them to come back again and stay longer.