Heavy Equipment Operator/Truck Driver

Are you interested in using heavy construction grade equipment or operating a variety of trucks and equipment for Dawes County?  We offer very competitive wages and an extremely valuable benefits package to include health insurance(medical & dental) premiums paid close to 90% by the county which means for a family with medical and dental coverage an additional roughly $2000+ a month in compensation.  Your premium costs are the same whether there is coverage for two or ten family members…  A $15,000 Life Insurance Policy is included for you at no cost.   And imagine 14 PAID Holidays each year, yep that is what we currently observe!  This is just a couple of the many perks we offer!!!

For a complete job description or job application go to the Dawes County website, or email your request to dawescountyHR@gmail.com, or call (308) 432-8930 for more information.

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