Hustler Chainless bale feeders

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Hay Springs
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The Chainless trailed square and round bale feeders are self-loading, suitable for feeding out any bale, round or square, and it maximizes feed use. Designed for medium to large operations. A Chainless trailed bale feeder minimizes feed waste by feeding out into narrow windrows to make the feed more accessible to animals and all but eliminate damage from hoof trampling, manure spoilage, and animals laying down on the feed. More efficient use of power, savings on machinery investment and faster bale feeding all add up to impressive fuel economy – made possible by the hydraulic drive system at the heart of every Hustler Chainless trailed bale feeder.
Hustler chainless bale feeders will reduce annual feed requirements 15-40% compared to flail type bale processors.
2 bale trailed, 6 bale trailed, and mounted units available. More information at

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