Beverly Ann Tuttle-Jackson

Visitation services for 67-year old Beverly Ann Tuttle-Jackson will be Friday, May 15, 2020 from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM, at the Bev Tuttle Residence on Tuttle Lane near Porcupine, SD.

Graveside services follow at 3:30 PM at the St. Alban’s Episcopal Cemetery near Evergreen Community, Porcupine.with Father Ron Seminara, S.J., officiating.

Anpo Aozanzan Najin Win (The Light of Dawn Shines On Her), Beverly Ann Tuttle-Jackson of Porcupine, SD made her journey to the spirit world at her home while in hospice care surrounded by her family on May 9, 2020. She was born on June 12, 1952 to Lillian (Iron Cloud) Tuttle (deceased) and David Tuttle (deceased). Her bloodline includes Mahpiya Maza (Iron Cloud), Taopi Sic’a (Bad Wound), Mila Yatan Pika (Knife Chief), Tuttle and Bush.

Bev was raised in Porcupine and graduated from Holy Rosary Mission School. Bev started her higher education at Colorado State in Boulder, Co. Upon returning home, Bev received her Dental hygienist training and began a career with Indian Health Dental Service. Throughout her years, Bev attended Oglala Lakota College and received her Associates of Arts Degree in Child Development. She also attended Black Hills State College in pursuit of her bachelor’s degree in counseling.

At the time of her passing, Bev was the Federal Monitor for Porcupine Council Representative Phillip Good Crow, a position she served for numerous years. Bev was an active member in the Porcupine Community; she worked in various roles in her career that included working for the Porcupine District as Youth Coordinator, coordinating wellness events and proactive movements to empower youth and elders in the community.

One of her passions was serving in the Court Appointed Service Advocates (CASA) program where her heart was seeking judicial support for those underrepresented within the system, she remained active in this process up until her passing.

In 2012-2014, Bev was elected as the Porcupine Council Representative, a position that truly inspired her to find avenues to create a better health system, child advocacy and rights along with child welfare laws and funding for Tribal BIE Schools.

At the time of her death, Bev was the President of the Pahin Sinte Owaya School Board and previously served many years as a School Board member and was also the Oglala Nation Education Consortium President at one time and continued her involvement as a school board member.

Bev married John Jackson and through this union they had a son, Elijah Jackson (deceased); through the years the couple divorced but remained companions and John was by her side when she started her journey to the Spirit World.

Bev believed in the traditional Lakota lifeways and was a sun dancer for many years at the Knife Chief Sundance and Medicine Horse Sundance. Bev was an honorable woman who inspired and mentored many people. She took her role as a Lakota woman seriously, honored the teachings of Wotakuye (kinship) and conducted her life in a very humble and compassionate manner.

Survivors include her granddaughters, Tashaun (Jonas) Jackson-Horse Looking of Porcupine, SD, Kyra Jackson of Kyle, SD, great granddaughter, Nyna Jackson of Porcupine, SD, John Jackson of Porcupine,SD; daughter/niece, Annette Eagle Bull of Porcupine, SD;

She is also survived by her sisters, Donna Eagle Bull of Porcupine, SD; Irene Tuttle of Pine Ridge, SD, Fern Tuttle, Mary Iron Cloud, Emily Koenen, Eileen Iron Cloud, Stella Iron Cloud, Danielle Two Eagle, Ethleen Iron Cloud-Two Dogs, and Esther Iron Cloud all of Porcupine, SD; her uncle, Vernon Iron Cloud of Wakpala, SD; aunty, Mary Rose Dillon of Martin, SD; hunka brother, David Archambault of Fort Yates, ND and hunka sister, Penny Giago of Pine Ridge, SD.

Bev was a special aunt that was always there for her nieces and had a loving and cherished relationship with her nieces, Vanessa Salway, Mary Lillian-Baird, Laurel Iron Cloud and her other grandchildren Charlie Eagle Bull, Landon and Ava Little, Lillian Goudeau.

She was preceded in death by her son, Elijah Jackson; parents, Lillian Iron Cloud-Tuttle and David Tuttle; siblings, Hank Tuttle, Harold Tuttle, Everett Tuttle, and Bill Tuttle; niece, Cinnamon Twiss; and nephews, Gerard Eagle Bull and David Tuttle.

Pallbearers will be Virgil Bush, Porcupine, Charlie Abourezk, Rapid City, Jeff Not Help Him, Pine Ridge, SD, Larry Swalley, Pine Ridge, SD, Owen Olson, Porcupine, SD, and Richard “Dicky” Marshall, Martin, SD.

Honorary Pallbearers include all family and relatives, Bad Wound Tiospaye, Bush/Tuttle Tiospaye, Knife Chief and Medicine Horse Sundancers, Porcupine School Board, Oglala Nation Education Consortium, Students Shoulder to Shoulder Camp Organization, Taylor Little Whiteman, Richard Bad Milk, Cecelia Fire Thunder, Janice Richards, Arlana Bettleyoun, Sonya Weston, Bear Runner family, Zephier Family, Phillip Good Crow and family, Jerry Iron Cloud, Jeff Iron Cloud, Ed Buz Iron Cloud, Randy Tuttle and family, Richard Iron Cloud and family, James Iron Cloud and family, Harlan Iron Cloud and family, Margaret Iron Cloud and family, Bobette Iron Cloud-Patton and family, Myreen Iron Cloud and family, Dawn Iron Cloud and family, Deb Iron Cloud-Jensen and family, Paulette Iron Cloud and family, Paul John Iron Cloud and family, Scott Weston and family, Lionel Weston and family, Carmen Weston, Ty and Ashley Lunderman, Joe and Randi Giago, Byron Wilcox and Alice Testerman, James Bush, Betty Robertson, Hilda Kills Small, Carly Plenty Arrows, Joann Thompson, Jim Red Willow & Family, Wayne Randall & Family, Paulette Red Willow-Hernandez & Family, Karen Red Starr, Toni Montilleaux, Gloria Coats, Suzy Eagle Bull-Mesteth, Shirley Bad Wound & Family, Karen Red Elk, Ruby Weston, Felicia Wesaw, Roger Iron Cloud & Family, Tara Two Eagle-Trueblood & Family, Val Patton & Family, Jay & Roz Parisien, Phil Iron Cloud & Family, Dana Fire Thunder, Crystal Bush, Sesalie Red Owl, Barb Dull Knife, Madonna Cuny, Lillian Cuny, OJ Cuny, Karen Archambeau & Family, Pete Pipe, Eli Jackson & Family, Percy & Junior Lone Elk, Jonas Wounded Foot, Knife Chief Singers, Mousseau Family, Monument Health Cancer Institute.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD

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