Colette Pawnee Leggins

Funeral services for 50-year old Colette Pawnee Leggins are Tues, Dec 22, 2020 at noon at St Matthews Episcopal Church in Rapid City, SD, with Pastor Joseph Marrowbone officiating. 

Burial services follow at 2:30 PM at the Mountain View Cemetery in Rapid City, SD

Visitation precedes the funeral from 10:00 to noon, also at St Matthew’s Episcopal in Rapid City, SD.

Colette M. Pawnee Leggins-Marrowbone “Ohitika Mani Win” ~ Walks Brave Woman ~ was born on July 4, 1970 in Pine Ridge, SD to Marie Pawnee Leggins and Anthony Black Elk. Colette made her journey to the Spirit World on December 12, 2020 at the Monument Health Hospital in Rapid City, SD.

Colette is survived by her husband, David Marrowbone; daughter, Tabitha DeCory; son, David Pawnee Leggins; siblings, Austin Black Elk, Dwight Pawnee Leggins, Franklin Cottier, Denise Black Elk, Erlund Black Elk, Ryan Black Elk, Suzy Black Elk and Kim Black Elk; grandchildren, Taliyah Sierra and Elijah Steele; and numerous nieces, nephews, and grandchildren.

Colette was preceded in death by her parents, Marie Pawnee Leggins and Anthony Black Elk; grandparents, Lavina Red Star, Susanne White Face, Wallace Black Elk and David Pawnee Leggins; aunts, Delphine, Thelma and Carmelita Pawnee Leggins; uncle, Zach Pawnee Leggins; great grandmother, Katie Pawnee Leggins-Fools Crow; and great grandfather, Frank Fools Crow.

Pallbearers will be David Marrowbone, Dwight Pawnee Leggins, Robert “Lil Bob” Brewer, Timothy Reavis, Martin DeCory, Raymond Red Shirt and Timothy “Tom” Brewer. 

Honorary pallbearers will be Jerome & Nancy Kills Small, Shirley Red Star, Karen Red Star, Brandon Pacheco, Maria DeCory, Elwood, Elwin, Katrina, Aaron, and Elvira Broken Rope, Loretta Plenty Arrows & Family, Norma, April and Ivana Pawnee Leggins, Christina Barrientos-Aguilar, Donelda Steele, Lloyd “Beats” Steele, Jennifer Black Elk, John Jensen, Tina Jensen, Cindy Wilson, Lawrence “Lobo” Wilson, Artemus Bagola, Cornell Red Star, Shawn Fast Horse, Juanita Red Star, DeCory Family, Black Elk Family, Pawnee Leggins Family, Reavis Family, and All Relatives & Friends.

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