Juan Mesteth

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Funeral services for 43-year old Juan Mesteth are Sat, August 21, 2021 at 2:00 at the Mesteth residence at Cheyenne Creek-Pine Ridge with NAC Rev Kirk Fool Bull and ANAC Spiritual Leader Robert Braveheart Sr officiating.

Burial is at the Mesteth Family Cemetery in Cheyenne Creek

A two-night wake service starts Thursday, August, 19, at 1:00 at the John Gardner residence, 110 Columbus Street in Rapid City, SD

Juan Mesteth was born on a beautiful Fall day on November 18, 1977. His Father Wilmer Mesteth and mother Barbra Two Bulls thanked Tunkulisa for their son. He was loved and cherished by them. 

Juan was raised by his father who taught him the traditions and culture of the Lakota man. Wilmer took his son everywhere that he went, showing and teaching him how to walk in harmony with all the elements of the world. 

Wilmer introduced him to the Sundance way of life; he also placed him at the Ancient Native American Church fireplace. 

Juan grew up learning the songs and how to take care of the drums of the two altars. As he grew within the altars, he learned how each position was important and how they connected together. 

He became a recognized Spiritual Leader Headsmen by Chief of Chiefs Lenard Crow Dog. He was asked by numerous relatives to take care of traditional ceremonies, and he was honored to do so each time. 

Juan traveled the world praying and singing for many many people. He made many, many friends – some became family. 

Juan received an Englishman’s education learning his abc’s and 123’s, but his primary focus was the traditional teachings of life that his Father and Uncles bestowed on him. 

He loved to tie the peyote drum and sing the beautiful ancient songs. Through his songs and the way he sang them, people would gather around him. It was like he was calling out to them to gather in the name of Tunkusila. 

Juan never turned anyone away; he would comfort them with his smile and reassurance. He would share his traditional knowledge with those all around him. 

He loved the color Blue, so when you look up into the sky think of your dear Angel Juan, who is smiling back at you with love. 

He enjoyed many things in life. He rode in the Bigfoot Memorial Ride and the Little Big Horn ride. He was a bronc and bull rider. He laughed, lived, and loved to the fullest.  

Juan was a father to Wyatt James McCloud of Yelm, WA, Triston Damien Mesteth of Nisqually, WA, Wanapeya Tolman and Wanbli Kuza Win both of Pullman, WA, and Alejandro Two Two of Greeley, CO.  

He was Loved and Cherished by many people from all walks of life. He walked in true harmony and Beauty. He will be forever Missed but Never Forgotten!!

On the start of the evening of August 10th Tunashila called Juan home to the big tipi in the sky. 

There he was greeted by his Father Wilmer Mesteth and his two mothers Barbra Two Bulls and Lisa Standing Elk/Mesteth, and his Godfather Alfred Red Cloud, along with many many beloved ancestors. 

Juan is survived by his siblings, John Two Bulls, Renee Two Bulls, Jason Two Bulls, Brian Rowland, Lonnie Mesteth, Ronnie Mesteth, Wilmer Eagle Bull, Hoksila Mesteth, Dakota Mesteth, and Rachel Mesteth.

Juan was preceded in death by his father, Wilmer Stampede Mesteth; mothers, Barbara Bad Bear-Two Bulls and Lisa K. Standing Elk-Mesteth; and god-father, Chief Bernard Alfred Red Cloud. Sr.

Pallbearers will be Isaac Weston, JoDe Goudy, Brian Thunder Hawk, Naca Charging Crow, Adrian Primeaux, Charles Larabee, Jaylin Garnette, John Gardner, BJ Braveheart, and Mikey Primeaux.

Honorary pallbearers will be Godmother-Katherine Red Cloud & Family, Hunka Parents-Tom & Loretta Cook & Family, Auntie mom-Wilma Return From Scott & Family, Auntie Mom-“Birdie” Susan Mesteth & Family, -Auntie Mom Maggie Wounded & Family, Hunni Dawn Gardner, Newta Whistling Elk, Adam Begay, Ambrose Oliver, Andy Elk Shoulder, Bernard Red Cloud III “Foots”, Eric Yankton, Eugene Limpy, Jack Red Cloud, JD Little Whiteman, Johnny Mike, Myron Goode, Norbert Bell, Phil Iron Cloud, Quiltman Sahme, Richard Sleeper, Roger Cummings, Teton Lakota, Verdell Primeaux, , Wilard Fool Bull, Jr., Justin Dorien, Afraid of Bear Family, Badheart Bull Family, Bernice White Hawk & Family, Betty Goings & Family, Brady Family, Braveheart Family, Brewer Family, Chara Eagle Feather & Family, Chet Stoneman & Family, Crow Dog Family, Darrell & Anita Begay & Family, Deborah Red Feather & Family, Emmanuel Black Bear & Family, Foolbull Family, Garnier Family, Geraldine Blackhorse & Family, Gerrick Two Eagle & Family, Goode Family, Jozee Campos & Family, Kemp Family, Lakota Family, Last Horse Family, Loise White Whirlwind & Family, McCloud Family, Phillis Young & Family, Primeaux Family, Red Bear Family, Red Cloud Family, Red Fawn Janis, Shirley & Albert Barber & Family, Stacie Tail & Family, Stands Family, Thunder Hawk Family, Tommy & Chick from Florida, Mercedes & Emily Lopez, Brian Rowland, Two Bulls Family, Vanessa Piper & Family, Wahancanka Family, Weasel Bear Family, Yellow Boy Family, All the ones’ he called “Babe”, All his Beautiful Canaries, Water Protectors, Ancient Native American Church Water women,  Barrel Horse Racers, Pow-wow Trail Homies, Big Foot Memorial Horse Riders, Little Big Horn Riders, O Gle Sa Tokala Society, O Gle Sa Sundance Family, Ancient Native American Church Members, Native American Church Oyate, Spiritual Leaders, Aspen Dialysis Center, Monument Health Center, All Sundancers, Cheyenne Creek Singers, Stampede Singers, Quality Services Inc., and All Friends and Relatives 

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD

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