Justin “Clyde” Little


Funeral services for 47-year old Justin “Clyde” Little are Wed, March 2, 2022 at 10:00 at the Brother Rene Hall in Oglala, SD with Opening & Closing Prayer by Mr Bryan Charging Cloud and traditional Lakota Services by Mr Ty Lunderman 

There will be a horse ride from Jumping Bull Flat to Little’s Flat Cemetery for final viewing.  

Burial services will Be Held At A Later Date 

A one-night wake service starts Tues, March 1, 2022 at 2:00 at Brother Rene Hall in Oglala with evening services starting at 6:00 PM.  

**Masks Are Required At Services**

Justin Jon “Clyde” Little, “Wakinyan Lowan Ku” ~Thunder Returns Singing~ was born on October 16, 1974 in Pine Ridge, SD to Ernie and Elizabeth (Big Crow) Little, he was the 5th born of 8 children.  Justin made his journey to the Spirit World on February 21, 2022 in Pine Ridge, SD.  

Clyde attended Pine Ridge School in his earlier school years. He attended Red Cloud Indian School from 3-12th grade and graduated high school in 1993. He attended Creighton University from 1993-1994 and shortly after moved back to Oglala, SD for the birth of his daughter Tiarra Rose Little whom he shared with Cherise LeBeaux-Twiss. 

He considered his call as a father a great priority, and in 1995, he welcomed another daughter, Grace Josephine Giago, whom he shared with Monique Giago-Apple. 

From this time, Clyde worked at several places including construction in Chadron, NCB, Rural Water & Sewer, Oglala Lakota Housing, and had several construction positions building homes and pouring basements. He worked for Loneman School from 2005-2013 as Facilities Manager. 

Clyde’s love for horses and country life drove his desire to help his parents operate their ranch on the original Little’s Homestead in Oglala, SD, which was inherited from his paternal grandparents. He worked diligently to help his parents re-establish the Little’s Ranch before he invested in his own business. 

Then in 2003, Clyde bought his first herd of cattle and ambitiously started his own ranching business alongside his parents. Clyde’s accumulated ranching expertise and experience led him to successfully grow the business he loved so much.

After 10 years of sharing his love of ranching with an 8-5 job, his love of ranching was victorious. While building his business, Clyde also built Little’s Flat Trucking and Little’s Flat Construction.

In 2008, he welcomed a son, Baylee Justin Little, with Stacey Hill. Shortly after the birth of his son, he excitedly commenced the build of his own home. It was his main topic, and mostly, he was determined to provide a stable home for his children by building a house. 

Clyde was a gifted man with many qualities, an incredible personality and spontaneous character.  Most of all he believed in his kids, nieces, nephews, and all young people. He had the ability to work with many people on all sorts of tasks, he saw things most others didn’t notice. Clyde assisted local ranchers with round-ups, brandings and other duties when needed. 

He was a people person and believed that taking the time to show people love and care was necessary. Clyde was also a family man. He was a great father, son, brother and relative. He would be the first to remind others how important it is to have compassion for each other and appreciate family. And he was the first to help when needed. 

Clyde took care of his sisters without hesitation and protected them fiercely. He was at his happiest when spending quality time with his brothers. He would say often that they were his idols. 

Most of all, he was the baby boy he’d always been. Being cooked for by his mom, talking with his dad, and visiting at the table with his parents were everyday occurrences.

Clyde’s ambition to his home, business, and life kept him constantly making moves. He believed that if he failed, it wasn’t the end – just one less obstacle to overcome. In whatever he did, Clyde never gave up. 

He was loved and cherished above all else. His twinkling eyes and electric smile will be missed. His memory and legacy will live on through his children and his family.

Justin is survived by his parents, Ernie & Elizabeth (Big Crow) Little; daughters, Tiarra Rose Little and Grace Josephine Giago; son, Baylee Justin Little; hunka sons, Braylon Ernest Little, Amos Jason Charging Cloud, and Ernest James Little; goddaughters, Alanna Rae Holiday and Pearl Jean Herman; godsons, Montana Cole Sierra and Lane Anthony Bordeaux; sisters, Blue Dawn “Charlie” Little, Raine Marie Little, Sunny Rae (Gavin) Beckwith, & Monica Sioux (Ken) Little-Bordeaux; brothers, Jason Shane “Jake” (Deb Tobacco) Little, Troy Anthony (Tori Whipple) Little, Melvin Ray “Smiley” (Jennifer) Sierra; nieces, Amber Sierra-Long, Payton Sierra, Paisley Sierra, Wicahpe To Win Caldwell, Emeri Caldwell, Emileigh Caldwell, Ava Little, Adonica Little, Athena Little, Tasina Hocoka Waste Win Tobacco, and Wahpe To Win Tobacco; nephews, Colton Sierra, Dustin Beckwith, Geoffrey Black Feather, Landon Little, and Tyger Little; grandchildren, Tasunke Wicahpi Ohan Mani Two Eagle, Alexander Brave Heart, Marcella Brave Heart, Eric Long, Jr., Payson Sierra, Mariah Sierra, Jag’r Black Feather, Landyn Good Iron, Aaryn One Horn, and Layla Little; and his special pets, Rosie & Diggs (the Corgis); and his horses, Old man and Woodrow.

Justin was preceded in death by his paternal great-grandparents, Amos Little-Horseshoe & Elizabeth Post, and Edward Cuny & Angelique Fire Thunder; paternal grandparents, Wallace H. Little and Mildred E. Cuny-Little; maternal great-grandparents, Walter Mills & Ora Standing Bear and Theresa Garcia & Raymond Big Crow, Sr.; maternal grandparents, James Big Crow, Sr. & Marcella Mills; aunts, Nadine Rendon, Adele Little-Benson, LaVonne Little, Lorraine Peil, Geraldine Marchant, and Theresa Black Bull; uncles, James “Jimmy” Little, Eddie Little Sky, Wallace “Jun” Little, Jr., Donald “Duck” Little, Darrel “John Goose” Little, Robert “Lil’ Beaver – Capa” Little, Gerald “Jump” Big Crow, Walter Big Crow, and Benjamin Big Crow; all nieces, nephews, cousins, and relatives; his dogs, Maggie, Peaches, Oscar, and Dex; and his horses, Toby and George.

Pallbearers will be Montana Sierra, Braylon Little, Geoffrey Black Feather, Landon Little, Clarence “JR” Rouillard, Jr., Cass Waters, Dustin Beckwith, Kevin Big Crow, Teagan Big Crow, and Anthony “Capa” Brewer.  

Honorary pallbearers will be Mike Little, Travis Big Crow, Pat Carlow & Family, Steve Swallow & Family, Cindy Big Crow & Family, Sam & Kristy O’Rourke, Vernon Buckman, George Big Crow, Teton Little, Daryl LeBeau & Family, Kyle Gregerson, Ambrose “Cowboy” Belt, Ken Bordeaux, Gavin Beckwith, Jess LeBeau & Family, Justin LeBeau & Family, Kirk Trujillo, Kara Big Crow & Family, Morgan Nava, Nick Cummings & Family, Melvin Tibbitts & Family, Krysti Big Crow & Family, Holden Holiday, Gideon Red Feather, Brody Buckman, Daeson Two Bulls, Raymond (Mary Sue) Big Crow & Family, Duane Big Crow & Family, Diane Painte & Family, Jay Big Crow & Family, Bob Lee & Family, Ollie Big Crow & Family, Rita Big Crow & Family, Bessie (George) Dreamer & Family, Brenda (Tony) Zimiga & Family, Erma Big Crow & Family, Tim Big Crow & Family, Ruth Pourier & Family, Joyce (William) Brewer & Family, Willie Joe Big Crow & Family, Judy & Hugo Hillman & Family, Patty Gore & Wayne Witt & Family, Chaleen Macktima-Little & Family, Jolene Martin, the Cuny Family, Cherise Twiss & Family, Stacey Hill & Family, Bennae Calac & Family, Anne Eagle Bull & Family, Marlanna Holiday & Family, Norma Rendon & Family, Chanda Rendon & Family, Aspen Rendon & Family, Darcie Little & Family, Mary Iron Cloud & Family, Ty Lunderman & Family, Rick & Ethleen Two Dogs & Family, Paul John Iron Cloud & Family, Red Dawn Foster & Family, Barb Brewer & Family, DaJuanna Bissonette & Family, Bobette Stead & Family, Beau LeBeau & Family, Connie Twiss & Family, Michael Carlow & Family, Michelle Carlow & Family, Dawn LeBeau & Family, Brandy Maxcy & Family, Cayme Big Crow & Family, Beau Big Crow & Family, Chris Benson & Family, Lance Benson & Family, Richard & Monica Little & Family, Dawn Little Sky & Family, Mary Little Sky & Family, Angie Big Crow & Family, Sharon Little-Woodworth & Family, Charles Abourezk & Family, Bill Hillman & Family, Gene Ferguson & Family, Cory Ferguson & Family, Cole Waters, John & Harriett Wilson & Family, Neil Linehan & Family, Richard O’Donnell & Family, Pat Henry & Family, The Starr Family, Charles Cuny, Jr. & Family, Dave Leftwich, Denise Evans, Bam Brewer, Will Du Brewer, Tiny DeCory & Family, Dennis Rodriquez & Family, Raymond Rodriquez & Family, Steve Reddy & Family, Jim Iron Cloud, Orsen Cuny & Family, Jim Jacobs & Family, Tim Jacobs & Family, Chuck & Trudy Ecoffey & Family, Cindy Jacobs & Family, Willie & Angie Richards & Family, Lonnie Brewer & Family, Alec Morgan & Family, Tuffy & Alice Sierra & Family, Jackie Eagle Bull-Miller & Family, Lynnie Eagle Bull & Family, Suzie Mesteth & Family, Darvis Weston & Family, Sam Clifford, Tawney Brunsch & Family, Chad Brunsch & Family, Chad Ferley, Owen Black Elk, Robbie Began, Jumping Eagle Riders, Rushville Veterinary Clinic, the Red Cloud High School graduating class of 1993, and all nieces, nephews, cousins and family and friends.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD

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