Raymond Brave Bird

Funeral services for 34-year old Raymond Travis Brave Bird Sr will be Saturday, May 2, 2020 at noon at the American Horse School in Allen, SD, with Pastor Tim Wardell officiating and traditional Lakota services by Mr Justin Poor Bear and Mr Quentin Red Bear

Burial services will be at St. Alban’s Cemetery i Evergreen, SD

A two-night wake service starts Thursday, April 30, 2020 at 3 PM at the Contessa Vasquez Residence in North Housing-Allen, then moves Friday morning at 7:00 to the American Horse School. Evening prayer services start at 7:00 PM each night.

Raymond Travis Brave Bird Sr was born on February 26, 1986 in Gordon, NE to Sharon Respects Nothing-Pretty Hip and Travis Brave Bird Sr and made his journey to the Spirit World on April 23, 2020 at the Monument Health Center in Rapid City, SD.

Raymond graduated 8th grade at American Horse School and 12th grade at Little Wound High School with the Class of 2006. He had a passion for basketball and played in middle school, high school, and independently. He enjoyed the game so much that he became a basketball coach for the “C-Team” at American Horse School for two years. He was very proud of his team, especially when they won the Championship at the end of the season.

After the loss of his mother, Raymond became close to Dawn Janis, Donita Little Whiteman, Colleen Bald Eagle and Donna Saloman, who then became his motherly figures.

He always had a smile, plenty of jokes, was very friendly, loved to dance and was just an all-around great guy to be around. Raymond will be greatly missed by everyone who knew him.

Raymond, Sr. is survived by his father, Travis Brave Bird, Sr.; his wife, Marlene Brave Bird; his children, Jacob, Miley, Rayonna, Patra, Raymond, Jr. and Gracie Brave Bird, Eliza DuBray, Jessica Vasquez and Avayla DuBray; his siblings, George (Grace) Respects Nothing, Lyle Respects Nothing, Consuelo (Frank) Means, Dario (Marietta) Vasquez, Bruce Yellow Wolf, Sonja Brave Bird, Travis Brave Bird, Jr., Travis High Pipe and Timothy Lone Elk; and numerous nieces, nephews and grandchildren which he considered as his own.

Raymond, Sr. was preceded in death by his mother, Sharon Respects Nothing-Pretty Hip; brothers, Jesse Vasquez and Gilbert Brave Bird; sister, Traci Brave Bird; grandparents, Jacob Pretty Hip, Cleveland Brave Bird and Vera Leading Fighter; and hunka parents, Louis and Janice Means.

Pallbearers will be Clay Janis, Pete Bull Bear, Angelo Poor Bear, Tanner Pierce, Kevin St. John, Wayne Fire Thunder, Frank Means, Reuben Means, Trevin Vasquez, Gerald Long Soldier, Jr., Cornell Ruff, Jr., Albert Saloman, Evan Brown Bull and Todd Young, Jr.

Honorary Pallbearers will be Kim & Tim Wardell, Justin Poor Bear & family, Georgia Hornbeck, Mona Gutierrez, Sific Pretty Hip, Rudolph Pretty Hip, Marletta Soldier Wolf & family, Lloyd Bianas & family, Norman “Denver” Bianas & family, Burgess BIanas, Jr. & family, Betty Peters, Collette, Felecia, Latoya and Warlance Ruff, Linn Little Whiteman, Mark Hopkins, Jaren Two Crow, Chastity & Chris Means, Steph & Neal Kindle & family, Jonathan Kills Small, David Three Stars, Joe Cottier & family, Anthony Waters, Brian Hornbeck, Eric Brown Bull, Tiger Brown Bull, Earl & Melissa DuBray, Mitchell & Patti DuBray, Buzzy & Tiana DuBray, John Rondeaux & family, Doris Respects Nothing, Sharon Respects Nothing & family, Taylor Little Whiteman, Shay Cummings, Hannah DuBray, Mitchell DuBray, Jr., Sarah DuBray, “Smoke”, Justin Aminian, Telly Standing Bear, Carol Rouillard & family, Chris Black Bear, Sarah Means & family, Samantha Means, Brenda Brave Bird, Wilbert Means, Heather Spotted Eagle & family, Tonja Gilmore, Duane Starky, Kathy Warriner, Duane Long Pumpkin, Alex DuBray & family, Brent Pinkerton, Shawn Black Bear, Trevor Red Bear, Jodi Richards & family, Fast Wolf Family, Brown Bear Family, Saloman Family, Bennett County Nursing Home Staff, American Horse School “C-Team” Basketball Players and All Friends & Relatives.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD

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