Sunday Eagle Louse


Funeral services for 43-year old Sunday Eagle Louse are Friday, March 25, 2022 at 11:00 at Brother Rene Hall in Oglala, SD, with Sister Barb Bogenschutz officiating and traditional Lakota services by Mr Richard Broken Nose

Burial is at St Peter’s Episcopal Cemetery in Oglala

A one-night wake service starts Thurs, March 24, at 1:00 at Brother Rene Hall in Oglala, SD.

Sunday Wayne Eagle Louse was born on April 28, 1978 in Denver, CO to Darrell Little and Joselyn (Eagle Louse) Apple.  Sunday made his journey to the Spirit World on March 13, 2022 at his home near Oglala.

Sunday is survived by his son, Nicholas Tobacco; daughters, Taelyn Eagle Louse, Danielle Bissonette, and Ryanna Bissonette; mother, Joselyn Apple; mama’s, Jerlene Arredondo and Genevieve Ribitsch; brothers, Preston (Destiny) Apple, Frank Apple, Jr., Paul Nava, James Bear Robe, Gentry Ribitsch, John Bear Robe, Damian, David, Dane, & Devin Arredondo, Walter Cross Dog, and Darwin Eagle Louse; sisters, Riva Red Feather, Amaris Swallow, Natasha Ballentine, Tess Chase In Sight, Chevya Eagle Louse, Jamie Bear Robe, Williona Bear Robe, and Tristine Cross Dog; grandfathers, Nason Backs and Richard Broken Nose; grandmothers, Rena Short Horn, Barbara Short Horn, and Leona Broken Nose; grandson, Kylar Bissonette; uncles, Elton (Genevieve) Eagle Louse, Donnie Slow Bear, Cedric Broken Nose, Forrest Sits Poor, Ernie Little, Mike Little, and Ken (Martine) LaDeaux; aunts, Mary Little Hawk, Jolene, Gloria, & Judy martin, Patty Gore, Lenora Apple, Sharon Apple-Beach, and Roberta Wounded Head; best friend, Keith One Feather; his greatest faithful companion, his dog “Onions”; and numerous nieces, nephews, and cousins. 

Sunday was preceded in death by his father, Darrell Wayne “John Goose” Little; paternal grandparents, Wallace & Millie (Cuny) Little; maternal grandparents, Charles Eagle Louse, Jr., Goldie Broken Nose, Ole Broken Nose, Russell Loud Hawk, Tex Broken Nose, Eleanor Slow Bear, Gus & Bernice Chase In Sight, and Edna Short Horn; uncles, Lenny Eagle Louse, Darwin Eagle Louse, Sr., Malcolm Eagle Louse, Darnell Eagle Louse, Charleton Eagle Louse, Walter Eagle Louse, Paul Little, Robert Little, Edsel Little Sky, Orville, Richard, Don, Wallace “June”, & Jim Little; and aunts, Rolanda “Cheyo” Eagle Louse-Bear Robe, Adele Little, LaVonne Little, Nadine Rendon, and Lorraine Piel.  

Pallbearers will be Paul Bravo, Mystic Apple, Dan Swallow, Gentry Ribitsch, James Bear Robe, Reagan Short Bull, Noah Kills In Sight, Paul Nava, Morgan Nava, Kevin Sits Poor, Kevin White Face, Dane Arredondo, David Arredondo, Will Tymes, Sr., and Monte Eagle Louse. 

Honorary Pallbearers will be Chris Lone Elk, Mike Slow Bear, Phillip Red Bear, Timothy Long Soldier, Paige Her Many Horses, Ingrid One Feather, Susanne Swallow & Family, Robert “Chop” Martin, Isaiah Martin, Eric Little Hawk, Bobbi Martin, Essence Martin, Jolene Martin, Sammi Jo Martin, Connie Titus & Family, Harriet Sharpfish, Melissa Tobacco & Family, Paul Two Elk, Sarah “Gumps” Belt, Jackie Solano & Family, Bernadette Toscano & Family, Lori White Face, Tiah Clifford, Jennie Briseno & Family, Louella Two Lance & Family, Calesta Fast Horse, Calendra Fast Horse, Ron Cross Dog, Sr., Manuel Fool Head & Family, Katrina Young, BJ Little, Lee Rouillard, Robert Rouillard, Lloyd Rouillard, Sr., Carlita Short Bull, Hermis Janis, Donnie Bear Robe, Kevin Belt, Avis Blacksmith & Family, Johnson Bear Robe & Family, Zeno Little, Vina & Terry Holiday, Elizabeth Morrison & Family, Melissa Blacksmith & Family, Family of Milo Sits Poor, Priscilla & Eldon Tobacco, Dan Tobacco, Darwina Matcham, Latonna Eagle Louse, Sam Red Feather, Jason Old Horse, Mike Loafer, Shawn Loafer, Gaylord Broken Leg, Lloyd Yankton, Jr., Chris Mesteth, TJ Mesteth, Zack Mesteth, Friday Garnette, TD Garnette, Gary Garnette, Newton Henry, Vernon Short Bull, Devin Short Bull, Maka Moves Camp, Lexie Shields & Family, Norton & Julie Little Spotted Horse, Dino Yellow Horse, Family of Reuben & Carmelita Yellow Thunder, Sandy Mabin, Eric Mabin, Josh Williams, Nate Simpson, Misty Davis, Sioux D. Little, Michelle Little, Charolette Frogg, Francine Broken Nose, Barbara Brings Plenty, Nate Simpson, Mike Weasel Bear, Michelle Benson, Connie Titus, Lana Yellow Horse, Delmarie Brewer, and All Friends & Relatives.  

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD

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