Warfield Richards


Funeral Services for 58-year old Warfield Richards are Sat, Feb 12, 2022 at 11:00 at the Richards residence In Pine Ridge, SD.

Burial is at St Peter’s Cemetery in Rockyford, SD

A two-night wake service starts at 10:00 AM, Thurs, Feb 10, at 10:00, also at the Richards residence in Pine Ridge

Warfield David Richards was born on December 31, 1963 in Pine Ridge, SD to Warfield Richards and Kathryn (Flying Hawk) Richards.  Warfield made his journey to the Spirit World on January 31, 202 at his home in Pine Ridge, SD.

Warfield is survived by his children, Veronica (Briana Waters) Brewer, Kathryn Richards, Sonni Lynn Richards, Curtis Touche, Benjamin Richards, Christopher Fast Horse, David Richards, Charles Richards, Katrina White Whirlwind and Trinity Lakota; siblings, Harold Dean Salway, Millie Richards, Molly Guervera, and Mona Richards; grandchildren, Julia Richards, Cassie Richards, Cecelia Richards, Daijon Richards, Alaia Richards, Charles Richards, Jr., Tobias Oliver Richards, Naveah Richards, and Hailey Richards.

Warfield was preceded in death by his father, Warfield Richards; mother, Kathryn Richards; sister, Dolly Richards; and brothers, Buddy Red Bow, Benny Pena, Ray Flying Hawk, and Alvin Salway.  

Pallbearers will be Michael Richards, Leroy Standing Bear, Stanley Standing Bear, Duran Richards, Crystal Fast Horse, Hank Belt, Johnny Joe Boerschig, Frank Guevara, and Logan Cottier.

Honorary pallbearers will be Marge Freeman, Bervin Brings Plenty, Vern Clifford & Family, DJ Brewer & Family, John Goose & Violet Waters & Family, Michael & AJ Waters, Rocky & Lonnie Mesteth, Renee & John “Beast” Two Bulls, Bob Ten Fingers & Family, HankBelt & Family, Kelsey Twiss & Family, Misti Morton & Family, Pork & Family, John & Paulette Means & Family, Deann Phelps & Family, April Stoldt & Family, Joseph “Tad” Clarke, Rose “Hurricane” Martin, Annette Irving & Family, Lavell & Andy Fly & Family, Leo Boerschig & Family, Nellie Lakota & Family, Jonny Joe & Family, Frank Guervera & Family, Alf Leftwich, George Dreamer, Sr. & Family, Tony Zimiga & Family, Ollie Big Crow & Family, Louise Pulliam & Family, Henry Means & Family, Rose Cottier & Family, Loretta Courtney & Family, Darla Black & Family, Chris & Trish Stoldt & Family, Darrell & Melinda Spotted Elk & Family, Jason Two Bulls, Louise Bell, Loretta Red Feather & Family, George Hernandez, James Clements & Family, Ave Hernandez & Family, Joyce McCarter & Aiden McCarter, Pebbles Tobacco & Family, Stanley Flying Hawk & Family, Sylvester Flying Hawk & Family, Patty Bourne & Family, Georgine Bettelyoun & Family, Earl Janis, Ben & Pat Brewer, James Colhoff & Family, Daus Rabbit, Alice Byron & Family, Serena Belt & Family, Josephine Standing Soldier & Family, Janice Boerschig & Family, Frank Boerschig, Charles “Bamm” Brewer, All The Reshaw Families, All The Winters Families, All The Flying Hawks, Aimy Dixon & Kids, Casey Lopez & Kids, Alberta Cottier-Richards & Family, Richard “Sheech” Greenwald & Family, Deb Mousseau & Family, Latoya Fast Horse, Denise Evans, Dawn Ramos, Chuck Reddy, Tony Flying Hawk, Tony Herman, Luk Returns & Family, Mike Broken Rope & Family, Joe Herman, Richie Herman, Cheryse Hawkins, Missy Goings & Family, Marissa Big Crow, Sara Dilley, Bobbi Red Cloud- Phelps & Family, Robert “Robbie Red” Larvie, McLaughlin Family, and All Friends & Relatives. 

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD

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