William “Bill” Stover


Memorial services for 69-year old William “Bill” Stover are Saturday, July 24, 2021 at 1:00 at the Batesland School in Batesland, SD, with traditional Lakota services by Mike Cross and Joe Swift Bird

Burial Will Be Held At A Later Date

William Benjamin “Bill” Stover “Mahpiya Najin” was born on December 9, 1951 in Alliance, NE, to Oliver “Ben” William Stover and Evelyn Hungry.  Bill made his journey to the Spirit World on July 10, 20201 near his home in Batesland, SD.

The 2nd oldest of 8 children, Bill had an adventurous childhood and lived in many places including Porcupine, Slim Buttes, Allen, Oglala #6, Kyle, SD; San Francisco; and Alliance and Gordon, NE before finally making his home in Batesland.  

Bill came from a very large close knit extended family and had many first-cousins he grew up with and remained close to throughout his life.  

He and his cousin John Stover Sr, whom he called his brother, had many stories to tell about the interesting lives they lived. They often got each other in trouble when it came to telling the stories of mischievous adventures – just ask Angie.

Bill met Iva Bull Bear when his family moved to Kyle and they were married on April 2, 1971 in Martin, SD.  To this union they had three children: Melita, Naomi, and Arlyn.  

Bill raised his children in Batesland and worked for Shannon County School for 41 years, from 1975 until he retired in 2006. He was a talented photographer and captured many wonderful shots from school photos to pow-wow dancers and family gatherings.  

Bill loved the freedom of riding his motorcycle until a very close call left a lasting impression on him for years to follow.  

Bill loved to go rock hunting, that was definitely one of his passions.  Anyone who knew him, knew that he was an avid rock hunter and he often took his brothers, cousins, nieces, nephews, & friends rock hunting with him to all his favorite spots.  

He spent the greater part of his life doing what his spirit came here to do, walking the Canku Luta (Red Road).  

He began his journey on the Canku Luta after attending an annual Sun Dance held by one of his relatives and was approached by his aunt Edna (Lone Hill) Two Dog, who told him he would soon be among the dancers the following year, and he was.  

Bill had a life-altering experience that year which led him to his calling and he began to follow the direction of his ancestors.  

Bill helped many people over the years and traveled around to many Sun Dances where he would help the dancers better understand their purpose for being in the circle and would often bring them medicines that would help them get where they needed to be.  

He was known by some as “Bill Stover and his traveling medicine show,” as an inside joke and he always took the time to explain things to the dancers to help them understand the ceremony.  

Bill was reunited with his eldest daughter, Cynthia Friedman in 1995 and Bill along with Iva and their children welcomed her to the family with open arms.  

Bill is survived by his wife of 50 years, Iva (Bull Bear) Stover; daughters, Melita (Ross) Janis and Naomi (Jason, Sr.) Dillon all of Batesland, SD; granddaughters, Suzanne Kite of Tulsa, OK, Rayevon Stover of Pine Ridge, SD, and Nalaney Dillon of Batesland, SD; grandsons, William, Jason (Julie) Jr., & Matthew Dillon all of Batesland, SD, Marcus (Geri) and Corey Janis both of Pine Ridge, SD, and Tasunke Cross-Stover; great granddaughter, ZaRayah Whirlwind Horse and Baby Janis; siblings, Mary (Ronny) Black Bird of Eagle Butte, SD, Russ Stover of Spearfish, SD, Bernie Stover of Hot Springs, SD, and Tim (Susan Big Crow) Stover, Gina (Terry) Veo, Donna Stover & Kathy (Rusty Puckett) all of Kyle, SD; special niece, Becky (Scott Covey) Red Bow of Rapid City, SD; hunka children, Sarah Blue Bird, Sydney Brown Bear, Andrew Soliz, Latrel & Dewey Cross, Daniel “Moe” Stover, & Clayton Hamilton; and special extra daughters, Dee Anderson, Josie Yellow Hair, and Cyrinthia (Lynn) Brave Heart both of Batesland, SD

Bill was preceded in death by his son, Arlyn Willis Stover; daughter, Cynthia Anne Friedman; parents, Ben & Evelyn Stover; grandparents, Edward, Sr. & Susan (Swallow) Stover; grandmother, Nellie Hungry; great grandparents, Eli & Julia (Garrier) Swallow and Elizabeth Iron Road & Benjamin Hungry; “Brother John” Stover, Sr.; nephews, James “JD” Dawson Stover, Jaylen Jasper Veo, and Cody Oliver Hamilton; and nieces, Elizabeth Grace Red Feather & Quintina Arminta Stover.

Honorary pallbearers will be his nephews, Clayton & Chris Faubion, Ken & Doyle Keller, David Gotheridge, Tim (Letitia) Stover, Jess Stover, Pat Cottier, Paul Stover, Mike Stover, Jimmy (Rhonda Janis) Stover, Junior Stover, Shane & Kristen Gibbions, Sam Red Feather, Edward Red Feather, and Corey Stover-Hamilton; nieces, Cindy & Lyndee Faubion, Bobbie Kaye Keller, Kendra Keller-Zlomke, Denise Stover, Nikki & Doug Shaw, Jen & Timmy Jones, Annie & Michael Green, Emma Stover, Estee & Kendrick Tate, Whisper Red Feather, Tiffany Two Crow, Dedria & John Deuter, Kenzie Stover, Chevelle Puckett, Russell A. Stover, & Oliver Covey; Angie Stover & Family, Cleetus Rouillard & Family, Lloyd “Ears” Rouillard & Family, Sandy Spider & Family, Carol Bravo & Family, Darleen Rouillard & Family, Donald “Duck” Stover & Family, Georgia Raye Stover & Family, Dottie Stover & Family, Beverly Hendrix-Stover & Family, Janice Stover & Family, Mikey Spider & Family, Louise Spider & Family, Dennis Stover & Family, Suzanne Stover-Lamb & Family, Kermit Frazer, Jim Meeter & Family, Carol Sims & Family, Judy Rojo & Family, Collins Provost & Family, Miles Fraser & Family, Frenchy LeBeau, Mona Jewette & Family, Eileen Briggs, Diane DuBray & Family, Donita Fischer & Family, Courtney Fischer & Family, Arleen Black Bird & Family, All Rattling Hail Sun Dancers from Eagle Butte, SD, Rick & Ethleen Two Dogs & All Medicine Horse Sun Dancers, Johnny Gibbons & Family, Russ Cournoyer & Family, Giago Tiospaye, Michael Cross & Family, All Wanagi Oyate Sun Dancers, Mike Carlow, Sr., Les Ducheneaux & Family, Heath & Tawa Ducheneaux & Family, Mike & Whisper Catches The Enemy & Family, Sandy Janis & Family, Deanna Provost & Family, Michael & Stacy Brooks & The Hehaka Oyate-Mato Wakinyan Wiwayng Wacipi, Alan Eroman, Brownie & Angie Eagle Bull & Family, Dave Claymore, James Adams, Annie, Denise, & Therese Clifford, Johna & Jamie Clifford & Families, Jordan & Justin Picket Pin & Families, Connie Rodriquez-Morgan & Family, Lynn Kessler & Kenny Friedman, Maurice Twiss & Twiss Family, Monte, Ray, & Robert Briggs, Aaron & Ethleen Eagle Bull, Richard Farland, Patrick Soch, Wendy Felese, Sally Goings, Joyce Goings, Shannon Smith, Tom Cooper, Wanda O’Rourke & Family, Devona Lone Wolf & Jeffrey (Diamond) Whirlwind Horse & Family, Justin Bear, Mary Woodward, Gavin (Wolf) Peters, Ray & Sharon McDonell, Robert Two Crow, Nadine, Nora, & Kristy Blue Bird, David Levine, Vanessa Kay Archuletta, Joe Swift Bird & Deanna Brewer, Shannon County Employees, Emily & Betty Bull Bear, Marcelle Bull Bear, Bull Bear Families of Kyle, SD, Two Lance Families, Doris Grass & Family, All Families in Batesland, SD, Danetta Mousseaux, Sabrina Pilcher & Family, Bryan Kehn, Dr. Agusto, Kristen Brewer & Family, Shawna & Ettemae Runnels, Emily & Mercedes Lopez & Families, Batesland Boarder Patrol Crew, Verna Cross & Family, Hamilton Family, Mike Parmenter, Rang Bettelyoun & Family, All Sun Dancers and Pipe Carriers, and those walking the Canku Luta, and All Friends & Relatives.  

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD

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