Crawford City Council Agenda Nov 10, 2020

Revised Agenda Crawford City Council for Nov 10, 2020 at 6:30 PM

Regular Council Meeting

Crawford Community Building

  1. Call to Order / Roll Call
  1. Pledge of Allegiance
  1. A copy of the Open Meetings Act is posted in the Community Building, is available in pamphlet form upon request from City Hall and can be found at:
  1. Approval of Minutes of October 13, 2020 regular Council meeting
  1. Board Reports

Golf Park

Ponderosa Villa

Hospital Board


Rodeo Board


Chamber of Commerce

Sub-Committee for use of Cultural Center

Community Redevelopment Authority (CRA)

  1. Open and accept or award bids for roofing and storm restoration
  1. Dwight Deaver: discuss/approve/disapprove plans for sewer line access
  1. Discuss/approve/disapprove Resolution 2020-15 to adopt the Region 23 Hazard Mitigation Plan Update
  1. Approve/disapprove Resolution 2020-16 to upgrade to a Visa CommUNITY Credit Card, designed for municipalities
  1. Approve/disapprove Resolution 2020-17 for setting the date and ballot language for the recall election ballot
  1. Approve/disapprove Resolution 2020-18 for direct borrowing from Security First Bank for an interim loan for the upcoming water/waste water project
  1. Discuss policy on the use of Keno funds
  1. Discuss/approve/disapprove current contract with Stumph Sanitation and contract going forward with Brandon Smith
  1. Approve/disapprove hire of Amanda Lager for seasonal snow removal
  1. Discuss purchase/requisition orders
  1. Approve/disapprove updated commute agreements with employees
  1. Select committee to work with department heads on long-range planning
  1. Discuss/approve/disapprove purchase of snow blade for the 2006 Chevy – estimated at $7,750 installed
  1. Approve Treasurer’s Report and Annual Treasurer’s Report
  1. Approve Bills/Claims – as subject to approval of 3 Council Members
  1. Adjournment