Crawford City Council Agenda Oct 13, 2020


6:30 PM Crawford Community Building

  1. Call to Order / Roll Call
  1. Pledge of Allegiance
  1. A copy of the Open Meetings Act is posted in the Community Building, is available in pamphlet form upon request from City Hall and can be found at:
  1. Approval of Minutes of September 28, 2020 special Council meeting
  1. Board Reports



Ponderosa Villa

Hospital Board


Rodeo Board


Chamber of Commerce

Sub-Committee for use of Cultural Center

Community Redevelopment Authority (CRA)

  1. Approve/disapprove Resolution 2020-13 Annual Certification of Program Compliance (NDOT)
  1. Discuss approve/disapprove Resolution 2020-14 for sale of the granary building/property by the First and Main park entrance
  1. Approve/disapprove hire of snow removal employees
  1. Approve/disapprove waiver of rental fee for RSVP to meet at the Community Building at 10:00 a.m. on 10/16/20, 11/19/20 and 12/17/20
  1. Approve/disapprove building permits: Gail Amend – review change on location of single-wide trailer at 610 Main Street Brian Smith – fence at 222 Coates Street Eric Snitily – addition to storage shed at 3 Reed Street Lisa Stocker – retaining wall and fence at 222 Reed Street John and Kerry Carle – carport at 307 Annin Street James Domingo – addition at 113 Coates Street James Domingo – porch at 1107 Hospital Drive
  1. Discuss changes to Ordinances recommended by the Planning Commission regarding when permits are required and the fence permit process
  1. Approve/disapprove appointment of Lori Beaver to the Planning Commission
  1. Discuss condition of sidewalk, gutters and curb at Medical Clinic
  1. Approve/disapprove Security Pledges and annual designation of bank depositories: Security First Bank and First National Bank of Chadron
  1. Approve/disapprove withdrawal of $3,000 from the Library Lownes CD to be placed in Library savings
  1. Discuss/approve/disapprove any redemptions of CDs and/or CDARS
  1. Approve Treasurer’s Report
  1. Approve Bills/Claims – as subject to approval of 3 Council Members
  1. Adjournment