Crawford Companion Animal Clinic

Doc Rankin rolled into town and set up the downtown Crawford Companion Animal Clinic in 2012. With Doc’s loving touch and a heart for the area, it wasn’t long that are folks recognized her skill and she outgrew the downtown Crawford Clinic so in 2018 she moved out to her current sight on Highway #20, on the east side of Crawford. The Crawford Companion Animal Clinic caters mostly to small animals, sheep and horses.

Regarding her staff of technicians, it is certainly true that we tend to hire people that share our values and the staff here in Crawford is as invested in the well-being of your pets and stock as you are. With the offerings of animal surgeries, ortho and dental care, grooming and boarding, there is no mystery as to why Doc Ranking, her staff and the Crawford Companion Animal Clinic are caregivers for folks and their animal friends for hundreds of miles around. 308-665-3949, Open M – F 8:00 – 5:00 but when emergencies arise, please give them a call at any time.

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