CSC Honors Faculty And Staff As Recognition Luncheon Resumes After Pandemic Hiatus

      Chadron State College resumed its tradition of honoring faculty and staff for service and achievements at a luncheon last week after foregoing the event last year because of the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, both 2020 and 2021 honorees were included.

       2021 retirees include office assistants Melody Carnahan and Joanne Downs, Technology and Design Specialist Elizabeth Ledbetter, and professors Laura Gaudet, Don King, Rick Koza, Barb Limbach, and William Roweton.

      2020 retirees included professors Patricia Blundell, Hank McCallum, Beth Wentworth, August Bruehlman, and Maggie Smith-Bruehlman, Vice President Dr Charles Snare.

    Also retiring last year were staffers Bryan Enos. Janet Hartman, Dee Dee Turman, LaWayne Zeller, and the legendary Con Marshall

     The Eagle Impact Award has Chadron State students selecting one individual in each of the 3 employee groups for inspiring, supporting, and empowering them during their time at the college.

    The 2021 Eagle Impact Award recipients are faculty member Dr Dawn Brammer, professional staff member Tena Cook, and Fred Hunn from the Support Staff.

     The 2020 winners were Markus Jones for Faculty. LaWayne Zeller of Professional Staff; and Kristavia Strotheide from Support Staff.

     This year’s Outstanding Student Organization Adviser is Associate Professorof Music Dr Brooks Hafey.

      The annual luncheon also recognizes significant employment milestones. Heading up the 2021 list at 35 years is Silas Kern of Physical Facilities, followed at 30 years by professors Joyce Hardy and Tracy Nobiling and professional staffer Shawn Hartman.

      2020 milestones included 40 years by custodian Dee Dee Turman, who retired last year then returned this year as site director for events in the Chicoine Center,  Chief Information Officer Ann Burk 35 years, and Associate VP Sherry Douglas 30 years. 

2021 Years of Service Awards

35 Years

Silas Kern

30 Years

Joyce Hardy

Shawn Hartman

Tracy Nobiling

25 Years

Melody Carnahan

Scott Cavin

Joby Collins

Tim Keith

Mike Leite

Johnnie Olivas

Craig Conway

15 Years

Sharla Blonien

Angie Camerlinck

Christine Fullerton

Bruce Hoem

Michael Kennedy

Randy Rhine

Jennifer Wittrock

10 Years

Dr. Shaunda French-Collins

Melissa Mitchell

Kathy Peters

Christopher Singpiel

Dr. Thomas E. Smith

2020 Years of Service Awards

40 Years

Dee Dee Turman

35 Years

Ann Burk  

30 Years

Sherry Douglas

25 Years

Janet Hartman

Pam Anderson

Dr. Lisette Leesch

Karen Pope

20 Years

Roberta Johnson

Kristal Kuhnel

15 Years

Elizabeth Ledbetter

Sherrie Emerson

Keith Crofutt

Lisa Stein

Pat Mracek

Laura Bentz

Dr. August Bruehlman

Dr. James Koehn

Dr. B. Lee Miller

10 Years

LaWayne Zeller

Craig Jersild

Eric Roberts

Melany Hughes

Randy Doescher

Pam Newberg