CSC Opening Online-Only “Absurdist” Play

Zak Wellnitz (Photo- Daniel Binkard/Chadron State College)

      The Chadron State College production of 70 Scenes of Halloween opens its 4-day run tonight, but while the cast and crew will be in the Black Box Theater the audience will be watching online – another pandemic-inspired change.

     David Craven, interim director of theatrical performances and director of 70 Scenes, says the livestream is password-protected with a different password for each of the 4 performances.

     There’s no cost at and Craven says anyone reaching the website before curtain time will get the password for that performance.

      The livestream begins 15-minutes before curtain, which is 7:00 tonight through Sat night and 2:00 Sunday. None of the performances will be recorded.

       The unusual format is fitting for 70 Scenes of Halloween, which Craven describes as an absurdist piece centered on a couple who’ve been together 9 years and have the “demons” of their relationship come out at Halloween..

      Instead of traditional acts and scenes, the show – as the name implies – consists of 70 scenes ranging from 15 seconds to 3-1/2 minutes. 

      Playwright Jeffrey M Jones wanted each production to reflect its director, so there is no set order for the scenes – allowing each director to choose the story they’re trying to tell through the order of the scenes.

     That means no two productions are alike. A director can change the order for every performance as well, but Craven says that would be “too cruel” to his cast and crew so the order of scenes are the same for all 4 CSC performances.