Dailey Loses District Court Appeal Of Official Misconduct Conviction


      Dawes County Sheriff Karl Dailey has lost his district court appeal of his conviction last March for official misconduct, but says he’s taking the appeal to the next level.

       District Judge Derek Weimer of Sidney upheld Dailey’s conviction for official refusing to accept a prisoner from the Nebraska State Patrol in July 2019.

Dailey was convicted in a 2-day bench trial by County Judge Randin Roland of Sidney, who ordered him to pay a $750 fine and court costs.

    The prosecution argued he acted out of spite over feuds and perceived slights with other law enforcement agencies that were amplified by the case of Jesse Sierra, who was arrested by the State Patrol in Crawford without contacting Dailey, the city’s law enforcement contractor, in advance.

    Sheriff Dailey maintains he refused to take Sierra because of concerns over Sierra’s medical condition and concerns over jail security, but admitted at one point maybe he should have accepted the prisoner and then transferred him.

    Whatever the result of any future appeals, Dailey’s long-term fate as sheriff lies in the hands of a higher authority – Dawes County voters. He’s already filed to run for a 10th term this year.

5 thoughts on “Dailey Loses District Court Appeal Of Official Misconduct Conviction”

  1. Karl Dailey has been a terrific Sherriff and that is why he will win again! We had appointed law enforcement that tried to kind of roll over an elected official.

  2. Karl Dailey is unfit to be our sheriff. Any man that puts his own ego and personal agenda before doing his job should not be in any position of authority. His inability to work with other law enforcement agencies is not only endangering those individuals, but hindering the safety and well being of the citizens he works for. No man should consider himself untouchable and above the law. He should have been removed from office long ago.

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